Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Henry - 12 weeks
Because I thought you needed a little sweetness today!

Sweetness is that 12 weeks ago right now I was in very hard and active labor about to have this sweet little boy.
Sweetness is seeing how much he has grown in those 12 weeks.
Sweetness is how God has carried me through these past 12 weeks.
Sweetness is that 12 weeks ago I became a mother for the rest of my life.
Sweetness is that 12 weeks ago Randall showed me love in a whole new way and for that I am in love with him more today.
Sweetness is the love that overflows my cup each morning when this little face looks up at me from his bed and grins that shy little grin he wears so perfectly on his sweet face.
Sweetness is each day that I have with Henry Patton....stressful or easy, they are all the sweetest of days.


drea said...

awww, so much sweetness is one little post. thanks for stopping by my blog, I'm always looking for great ones to read.


Anonymous said...

Randall Wayne would never want to deny that kid...but couldn't if he wanted to...because Henry looks more each day like the second coming of Randall.
Yo Daddy