Wednesday, February 17, 2010


We are surviving daycare and work. I know many of you have asked. Each morning holds a challenge of its own, but we tackle it the best we can and move on. I have not been late to work yet and we are one week into it..yay for us! We may scream, cry and shake all the way to our places, but we get there in one piece. The above photo was taken this morning before we left out. Yesterday was a tough day...the toughest yet. We did it though and we are alive to tell about it. I love being back at work with all my coworkers and friends. I like the way my friend Melissa described going to work, "It is something I know I am good at it" and it will keep my confidence up as I learn to be a mama.

Henry is adjusting fine. He has not missed a meal yet, as you can see. The boy is a weed, I tell ya. He is learning to pacify himself a bit better and that is remarkable for that little spoiled mess of a baby. He cries when we get there most times, but he is bad about crying when we leave too. Mixed messages, for sure! His teachers are sweet and he seems to recognize them. I appreciate him being able to sit on his own at home for a bit while I tend to things with both hands, instead of only having one free to use. Daycare is hard, but I can see how it is already helping him. Now the bad cold he has received from his little friends there is a different story!

And this is us again as we set out on our journey this morning. He is so cute in this picture. He looks just like his Daddy to me. What do you think?
I think I am in great need of getting my body back, is what I think! Whose arms are those? Ha!Today I started making great strides toward "being me" again. This will serve as my before picture, I reckon. Pray for me as this is a challenge like never before. My blood pressure is still high and the baby weight is sticking to me better than I thought it would. I am determined to be healthy for my little love and today is the day to do it! I am on a program at the hospital and I am excited about it. I think I will post a weekly update as to keep me accountable in more than one place. Is that cool with y'all?
Our life is certainly full these days with Henry in the mix and even on the fullest of days it is SO worth having him to hold at the end that fullest day!



Kelley said...

I completely understand what you mean about childcare. It has been tough at times. Especially that first year. She was sick a lot. Now she is hardly ever sick. It took 3 years for me to shed all of my baby weight. Don't be too hard on yourself. :-)

The Family Marsico said...

I don't know, Abs. I think little Henry looks a whole lot like you and one of your parents, although I can't seem to decide which. He's super cute and so stylish, too. No surprise there, though.

kathy said...

He looks like the Davis side. It is amazing how many people have commented how much he looks like the Davis men.

Anonymous said...

I see his dad in him.... but I sure think he looks soooo much like my dad, too!


Anonymous said...

If the child looks like one of Abby's parents I certainly hope its his Marmie. I wouldn't hope the other choice on the boy.
I agree with his Great Aunt Janet.
I see his Great Grandad Joe in him.
And, it ain't bad at all to look like a good man and war hero like that.
Henry's (and Sam's,and David and Daniel's, and Anna"s)