Thursday, February 4, 2010

Henry - 2 Months

Henry Patton is 2 months old.

He is 50% in height and weight. He has gained 2 pounds since his 1 month check up and has grown about a half inch. He still has reflux but we are trying some new meds and formula as we enter month 3 with hopes for some relief. He started smiling this past month, cooing and becoming more alert each day. He notices his Mama and Daddy's voices. He sleeps about 5 hours a night before waking up for a bottle. He also still loves to be swaddled. Henry is a sweet baby with a funny little personality. I love learning about him more each day.

While at our 2 month check up we found out our little mister's cough was RSV (this picture was taken in the exam room). He is doing much better and is still as cute as ever. We are so thankful it did not get any worse than it did. He will have the cough for a few more weeks but he is now fever free and was able to get his first round of shots. He is right on track and we are so proud for that!

Henry loves to smile and play with his Daddy. He was so sick on this day but was still so happy. I love that about our sweet boy. I pray everyday he will have a sweet disposition all through out his life.

Henry loves to visit our bed in the mornings when I am getting laundry ready for the wash ( the laundry is never ending at this house) or getting dressed. He likes the lights and motion on the TV and I think he likes the scent of Mama and Daddy on those pillows. I love his socks, don't you?!

And at the end of the day all is right with the world when Henry is in the tub. This is his favorite place. He adores the warm bath and would stay in it all night if we would let him. I pull him out when his toes start wrinkling up or his lip begins to quiver. He is a cutie in his tub but throws a fit when I pull him out. I love that he is passionate about life but his temper is something that I still have not gotten a handle on. He is a little hot headed like his sweet Daddy! :)

Happy 2 months to you, Henry Patton



kathy said...

Wish I lived closed for sure. He is a cutie. so glad he is feeling better. lovey

Kelley said...

He is darling! I loved his little socks. I know you are enjoying him. So sorry that he has been sick.