Wednesday, March 31, 2010

My Little Show Stopper

Because I thought you needed a smile today.
Is he not the cutest thing in his knee socks? He was a show stopper at church Sunday, for sure. All the women were making over him. It was sweet. Randall was concerned that no men were making over him because he looked like a cheese puff in that outfit. Oh, Daddy...what do you know! hee hee. Those silly men were just jealous of our little Henry.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Stay at Home Mama

Abby posted this last month, so know I will post my side.

I am a stay at home mom.

I worked from high school graduation(1988) until the spring of 2001. I enjoyed working. I enjoyed the interaction with people, and I enjoyed the paycheck.

When I got married, I was without a job for a couple of months and then, by the grace of God, got a job in our little tiny town. It wasn't a job I loved. In fact, I loathed the job. But the people made it worth getting up each day. I loved the people I worked with. A couple of the phrases I use often are from people I worked with there. (my favorite is, I'm as happy as a fat girl at the prom! Just happy to be here!)

I quit working when I went on bed rest with the twins about a month before I had them. Samuel spent his first 3 1/2 years in daycare. Good daycares. Good people taking care of my baby. I was and am thankful that God put us in the right places at the right times in order for him to be cared for by such loving and dear women.

My mother didn't work a full time 8-5 job when I was growing up. From the time I was in kindergarten (which is my earliest memory) until I was in high school, my mom was home when I got home from school. I didn't treasure that like I should have. These days there are so many children that go home from school and stay by themselves for hours before a parent shows up. I'm thankful that that wasn't my situation.

When I quit my job in 2001 I never went back to work. Our goal in 1998 was for me to stay home, but I had been working for so long I just didn't know any other way to live. I was friends with a girl that said she was a better mother because she worked, I believed that about me too.

And then I stopped working. And then I began teaching my children at home. These were both foreign ideas to me.

But, I wouldn't trade these years for anything. Sure, there are days I would love to send my children to public school and spend some time by myself. Sure there are days when I would like to put on some dress clothes, work and help support our family. But overall? No way!

Staying at home frees me up to be with my children. One on one. Four on one. I see them learn to read, write, multiply, divide, write stories, converse about the civil war. But please don't think for a minute that I'm staying home making my own peanut butter. I'm active in the church, the community, I have ordered more baseball uniforms for teams than I care to admit.

I don't watch tv all day. I do read. I sometimes clip coupons, because I like to get things cheaply. I don't sew. I do cook most every night. I don't wear pj's all day. I do take a shower daily. I do have my own vehicle. My house isn't real clean or clutter-free. My kids have cold breakfasts most days.

I'm by no means a perfect parent. I'm by no means a perfect stay-at-home mom. I don't have an etsy shop, I don't take pictures, I do absolutely nothing, except sell clothes at a consignment sale and a resale shop, to bring in any money to my family. And we are the poorer for it.

But I don't need money to make me happy. Sure, it would be great to have more money than we have. Sure, it would be great to have new furniture, name brand clothes, and a house to call my own. But those things aren't what make me tick. My family is. And I wouldn't trade it for anything.

God and I used to have long talks about me staying at home. I used to want to go and do all the time. But I asked Him to help me to love being at home, being a mom, being a teacher of my children. And He did, He does daily. He really is great!

Can you believe that Abby and I are even related? Gotta love it!!!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Happy 3 Year Blogiversary

Happy Blogiversary to us! You can click through to see the beginning, the 1st year and the second year. Here is to another year of sisterly blogging!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Face Lift For 3 Year Blogiversary

Be patient with us as we give our blog a face lift. 3 YEARS of blogging calls for a nice new look! Tomorrow is our 3 year blogiversary....yay!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Cleaning Tips, from me???

Abby and I may have some of the same blood flowing through our veins. We may have grown up in the same house with the same parents. We may be sisters, but when it comes to cleaning we couldn't be more different.

Kelly is doing Show Us Your Life-Cleaning Tips today and the funny thing is I was going to write something about cleaning soon anyway.

Not cleaning TIPS really, but it'll work.

I've been married for 16 years. I've been a stay-at-home-mom for 9 years. And nothing makes me feel more like a wife and mom than when I buy cleaning products.

Weird, isn't it?

I've had children, bought them clothes and shoes, cooked countless dinners and washed an unbelievable amount of clothes, but when I buy cleaning products I feel like a wife and mom?

I love buying Lysol 4-in-1 spray. I use this on everything!

The Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. Well, its just the best thing ever! I don't even care that it bleaches the paint on my walls, it gets the grossest stuff off of everything! And I mean everything. (You should see my van!)

The Works shower cleaner is the greatest thing I've found for my shower. But Dollar General has stopped selling it and I'm mad about it. Mad I tell you.

I don't like to clean. I don't like it at all.

I like a clean house, but I just can't seem to do it. I mop about twice a week and vacuum and sweep just about everyday. And if you were to come to my house at any given time you wouldn't think I had done any of those things lately.

I blame it on the kids. What will I blame it on when they leave the house in 5-13 years???



I had to put in my 2 cents:

I am a neat freak, but not a real bad clean freak, OCD type person. I do not mop and dust and all that jazz,as much as I should. In fact, it is shameful how long I go between those tasks. Since moving to J'Town 2 years ago I have really become a slacker. I think it is the house we live in. The old house made me want to clean...this house makes me want to sit down and drink a Diet Coke! I have to blame it on something, you know!

I do sanitize with disinfecting wipes often - door knobs, faucet handles, fridge handles, remotes and light switches. Yet, if you came to my house on any given day you would see that it is sitting neatly, ready for Southern Living to stop by for the centerfold- ha! But, really, I do love a tidy house, almost to a fault. Everything has its place and it kills me to see it out of place. Randall and Julie relish in not respecting this rule and making my head spin. For example, I hate to see the pillows on the couch out of place, the kitchen counter cluttered with things on it, and I detest the stairway lined up with clutter. Those are just a few. So, I am a neat freak who sanitizes the high spots.

So, what is your cleaning style?

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Real Deal

I have not opened up and vented in a long time. I know you have missed it. ha. I really don't have the time to sit and think long enough to warrant a venting session these days but tonight I think I will do some airing out and sharing my thoughts ( I know you are most excited - ha).

Jules and I started this blog 3 years ago ( our blogiversary is in 3 days!) as a way to share our lives together and to have fun keeping our friends and family updated on our activities and such. It has been so fun. Since the time we started, the blog world has exploded. We are not a cutting edge blog for the most part, we do not get comments but the ones from Kelley and our Daddy from time to time, but we do get traffic, lots of traffic. We are cool with that and do not care that people read without commenting, though we would dig having you comment! We just hope we leave each of you with a smile, a laugh and or encouragement in one way or another. We are not on here to be proud, boastful or rude. We are on here to simply have fun reporting our ins and outs of life.

Now, how many of you read lots of other blogs? I am sure all of you do. That is cool. We read lots too. In your readings do you ever leave the screen feeling inadequate, questioning your place in life and/or feeling as though you need to strive for more in life in a non encouraging way? I ask this because I sometimes do. There are so many blogs out there where young women are in a battle against each other on who can show off more, who can look better, who can craft better, who can dress their child better, who can cook better, who can decorate better, who can appear more spiritual,etc. You know what I am talking about and you are shaking your head and smiling in agreement...I know.

Are you as sick of it as I am?! I have recently chatted with Jules and a close friend about this and it is so funny because we all 3 have the same exact feelings about it. It is sad, really. Our society is so open now with all this social media. "Keeping up with the Jones' " has now taken on a whole new meaning.

I just want to make it known that this is not a blog that will ever take part in such activity. I will speak for myself here and gladly admit a few things that most would not dare share because it might make the comments stop, the traffic slow down and their "coolness" factor drop a few ranks...I am not ashamed that I am a working mother of an infant, that we drive older model cars so we can pay for them and not have car payments, that we only buy clothes on sale racks, we eat lots of store brand food and we have lots of bare walls in our house because wall art is most expensive. my cellphone is old school but I use it because it is paid for by my work and I adore that, I ruin recipes sometimes and have my husband ask me to never cook those certain dishes again. I have a baby that cries about 2 hours each evening and tests my patience at times, I struggle with weight and will until the day I get to heaven and claim my skinny/tall body, and I struggle making time to develop new/adult friendships. Diet Coke is my vice, Julie and I used to fight like crazy while growing up, I have not joined a church in Jonesboro because I cannot find one I like and we have lived here for 2 years, and I formula feed my baby and have no guilt about it. I could go on and on but there is no need. I just want to prove a point. Point proven?

I just want to share all this in order to say that this blog site is real, honest and humble. Jules and I have nothing to boast about or hide. We hope you can come here and see that about us. We are as honest and real as it comes. If you know us in person, you know that this honesty is almost a fault in both of us! Yes, we will brag about our 5 fabulous kiddos, our great buys, and all the good things that happen to us, but only because we want you to rejoice with us. Thank you for loving our warts and reading about them, and thank you for letting us tell you about the good things that happen to us also. I hope you never leave our blog feeling as though we are shallow and/or boastful. These sister girls are the real deal and we love that you stop by from time to time and read about us. It is the coolest thing!


Look Who's Talking

The music is now turned 0ff of the blog so you can now hear the videos!

Because I have learned how to finally use my videos on here, you are getting videos 2 days in a row. I know, I know, you are thrilled. ha. Henry is talking up a storm. I wish I knew what he is telling us!


Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Little Henry Jump Up

Henry experienced his first turn in his Johnny Jump Up last night. He was not real sure about it. His Daddy used it as a swing and he seemed to like that. I love that he is getting big enough to explore all his little play things. He is a little weed, I tell ya!


Monday, March 22, 2010

Family Fun Day

We spent the first day of Spring with family. We went to eat sushi and to the mall with Diana, Tabby and Caden. Diana is married to Randall's Uncle Rick and Tabby is her daughter-in-law. Caden is Tab's son. He was born 1 year earlier than Henry. I am so glad we are family. We have a fun time together. It was a beautiful day and so fun to have our boys together. They are going to be a match here real soon, I just know it. Lunch was nice with just us chatting without the men folk dominating the conversation. A rarity for us.

Henry was SO over the shopping trip as soon as it started. I took this picture of him as the sales lady at Dillards was telling him what a strong and nice name he had. I love it. It is though he is looking at her and saying, "Get out of my face lady!" Henry P. was a bear during our shopping trip. He will go back to the mall to see the Easter Bunny this week and will not return to shop for a while. We left our mark and need not return for a shopping excursion for a little bit.

After we got home from the mall my Daddy and his wife, Connie, came to visit. Henry loves his Grandaddy and Aunt Connie. He slept most of the time they were at our house. The mall wore him out. Daddy went and got us bbq and we had a nice time visiting. With Randall gone all week, it was nice to have some company all day.

We waited for his sweet Daddy to come home yesterday and he was so excited about it. I would say "Daddy is coming home to see his buddy" and he would just smile and giggle. I think his Daddy was just as excited to see him also. Those two are quite the pair. I just love having my boys in the floor playing together and the fact that they look just alike makes it even better. Though, Randall did say to Henry last night, "boy, you look just like your Mama!" The verdict is still out, I reckon. He does have my big ole eyes and...they are brown after all. Such a sweet baby face he has.


Sunday, March 21, 2010

A wedding and a prayer

I went to a wedding this weekend. The bride and groom go to our church, they have a long history together. Many ups and downs, highs and lows. But through everything their love for each other was never squelched.

Stephen performed the ceremony, I sat in the sound booth and my children sat on the back row of the church.

I couldn't help, as I watched the wedding, listening to the music, watching them exchange vows, but think that in as short as 10 years Stephen and I could be experiencing a wedding from a different point of view.

We have four children, we could have four weddings. Thankfully, 3 rehersal dinners and 1 wedding. God is so wise!

I cried.
Not ugly cried, you know, wedding cried.
How is it that the day before I got on to my children so loudly that they were afraid my head may come off when it got through spinning? And today I cried thinking and knowing that we will have to let go of them one day. Not only let go but give them to someone else.

I'm praying for the spouses of my children and I'm praying for me. That I will be a mother-in-law that is encouragin, loving and not-in-the-way and filled with so many other qualities that I am assured God will give me.

Don't forget to pray for your childrens spouses. It doesn't matter if they haven't even met yet or if they've been married for 16 1/2 years. You may be the only one praying for that person today. What a testimony you will be able to give that special one one day. Telling them that you have prayed for them for years. It could be their greatest gift.


Thursday, March 18, 2010

Be Counted

I just filled out our census form and put it in the mail. You be sure to do the same! It was wierd putting 000 as Henry's age. I hope he gets counted - ha!
(And yes...this image is cracking me up...I loved it too much not too post)


Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Kids and Kidney Stones

Please be sure to look at the post following this one. Henry is so very cute!!!

Yesterday I was feeling sickly. I had been up in the night and as I was teaching school I knew that there was a kidney stone among us.

I've had three and would like to never have to go through that pain again. I would much rather go through labor!

I ran to the store and picked up some food items we would need to get through the day, went to church to tell Stephen that I seemed to have a kidney stone and then headed home. I told the kids what was happening and asked them to help de-clutter the living room a bit. I was afraid that if I had to go to the hospital the house would be a mess for whoever was going to have to come watch the kids.

While I was putting a load of laundry in the washer, the boys got my pillow and a blanket and laid them on the couch for me. They also put my favorite "sick time" movie in for us to all watch together. Samuel answered the phone and didn't allow anyone to talk to me. My lunch was fixed for me, water bottles were brought to me to drink and the kids were quiet so that I could rest.

Last night was a busy night, we had two ballgames and an Eagle Scout Ceremony for Lukas to attend. Stephen couldn't be at the ballgames so I had to go. It was the last night of the season so it was a must-go!
I hurt a bit while at Samuel's game, but by the time it was over I was feeling much better.

I haven't felt bad since. The kids didn't know that this morning though. So they brought me breakfast in bed. Thankfully I had no olives or pickles in the house so breakfast was a little more traditional, waffles, toast and oranges. And a card of course.

My children may get on my nerves, and I may get on their nerves. But when I'm feeling down they are right by my side ready to help me get better.


Camera Cutie & My Shamrock

Say Cheese.  Henry was in a photo shoot at my hospital last week. We needed a new baby for our stock photos and he was cute and free! He loves the camera...or maybe the attention, who knows.

He was so good and made our designers most happy with the good shots he provided them. The photograper did an excellent job and was so sweet to Henry. I told Randall that if we ever have a 2nd child that he/she will feel 2nd rate. Henry has SO many photos with Lindsey taking so many cute ones and now these. Typical first child stuff, I reckon.

And I cannot pass up the chance to wish you a Happy St. Patty's Day by showing off my cute little shamrock. He was the cutest one at daycare this morning. Henry even has a green paci to use today. So cute. He was a sweet boy and took Snoopy St. Patty's Day stickers to all his little friends. It is tough being Henry and being green, I tell ya!


Tuesday, March 16, 2010

There's The Church, There's the Steeple...

Henry loved going to church for the first time on Sunday. He was able to attend his Uncle Stephen's church for his first church outing. He was the most popular visitor at the First Baptist Church and I do believe the cutest one they have had in a long time ( I am partial, you know).

Uncle Stephen was so glad to have Henry at his church. He recognized him from the pulpit and told everyone about giving him his first real baseball and such. It was cute. Some of the ushers asked Juju if Henry had on a dress. She assured them it was a gown and it was made for a boy. So, if you are looking at these photos and wondering...know that it is a gown and it is proper for an infant to wear things like this...especially a classy little infant like Henry Patton!

I think Henry got a bit convicted at the beginning of the sermon...or he was upset about people talking trash about his gown. He cried out and raised his arms in the air. Like a good Southern Baptist mama, I took him out and we sat in Uncle Stephen's study until the end of the service. His cousins and his Juju were so glad to have him at their church.


Saturday, March 13, 2010

A Haul of Fun

Jules and I love to go to consignment sales and have planned for months to meet up in LR this weekend to attend our most favorite sale of the year. The photo above is of us after 1.5 hours of steady shopping and a quick dinner at Jason's Deli. It was most fun being together without any distractions, laughing, and driving away with a haul of goodies. We really do share a soul and I love having her all to myself sometimes. I don't think that is too selfish of me.

Part of our plan was to meet up and spend the night at our Aunt Suzy's house. She is our Mawmaw's sister and our Mother's travel buddy. She has the house that every child loves to visit. I remember as a child being gitty in the backseat on the way to LR thinking about the fun I would have in her basement and such. It overlooks the Arkansas River, with the back of her house being all glass windows. I love this view. The night time view is actually my favorite.

Anna is no fact, all 4 of Julie's children love coming to this house. Anna was the only one who got to come with Julie for our overnight stay and Anna ate it up. As you can see, Aunt Suzy loved it alot also.

Our sweet Mama came to stay with us and keep the 2 kiddos while we shopped and ate on Friday night. Henry was such a good boy and slept so good in the room with Marmie. Juju and Marmie loved seeing him so happy when he woke up. Mornings are his best time. They will kill me for posting this picture of them in their morning best, but I loved the expressions too much not to share.

Anna got to have eggs and ice cream for breakfast. Tell me she is not spoiled rotten? The boys were most jealous of the ice cream at breakfast. They are already asking when they will get their turn!

Anna rode with me on to Twinkle Town so Henry and I could stay the night with Juju and her gang. Anna is such a good little nanny. I need her to come home with me because she is a great third arm and an extra set of, she is just too cute for words.

Juju and Anna had fun giving Henry a bath in their kitchen sink. I told them it reminded me of the Moses story with all the women bathing him as a baby. Henry loves the bath and their sink was no exception.

Uncle Stephen loves a baby and Henry is most blessed for it. He has been looking after him since we arrived and has given him his first real baseball. Henry may not make it in the car with me tomorrow afternoon. They may steal him from me...ha!

As you know, Uncle Stephen is a pastor. We will take Henry to his church tomorrow for his first church outing. I am so excited and pray he acts nice! We hate Randall is missing out, but it is Spring and that means craziness for our little Daddy. He is headed out to plant down south for a while. We sure miss him, but love how hard he works so we can go shop and get a haul of goodies!

Friday, March 12, 2010

The funniest thing

Today is spelling test day at Beavers Academy.

The boys have completed their spelling books so now I'm just picking words I think they need to know how to spell.

A couple of weeks ago they had to spell palindrome and another word that I can't remember how to spell and I can't find the spell check for blogger. And I'm afraid to ask the boys. I'm afraid they won't remember and that will make me feel like a very bad teacher. And who wants that really?!!

So today I reminded them that they had a spelling test and they needed to study for it. Daniel comes in with his walkie talkie and begins talking to David. (David is in the recliner in the living room reading a book under a blanket, he can see Daniel giving him the words over the walkie-talkie)

Daniel  " David, the first word is appreciate"
David  " a-p-p-r-e-c-i-a-t-e"
Daniel   "good!"  " next word, sincerely"
David   " s-i-n-c-e-r-l-y"
Daniel  " no its, s-i-n-c-e-r-E-l-y"
David  " oh, ok Thanks!"

I laughed and laughed!

I could hardly understand David over the walkie talkies but Daniel had no trouble at all. They were so sweet to each other.

I know I just listed two words. They have more than two words for their spelling tests. I promise!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Coffee and picnics

I made the greatest cup of coffee this morning. When I stay in a hotel, I always take the coffee home with me. I've not had to measure out coffee in a very long time. (I also don't drink it on a regular basis.) So today my throat was hurting and I thought coffee would make it feel really good. I added sugar and some Coffee -Mate Caramel Vanilla creamer. Goodness. Sweet Goodness. Not only does it taste just perfect but it is such a beautiful color. Almost the color of sand.

Which reminds me of the beach. And the fact that we will not be going to the beach this year. We will be going to Florida but we are on a quest to see Mickey and Snow White. Not the white sandy beaches and cool Gulf water.

Ok, I can't talk about that anymore or I'll be sad the rest of the day. And today is sunny and warm and calls for happy thoughts. Not thoughts about not going to the beach.

I think today we will do school outside and maybe have a picnic. Which makes me ask the question. How is it that picnics are supposed to be so much fun when they are such hard work? I have to try to figure out what the picnic food should be and then get everything together. I mean everything. Napkins, drinks, plates, food, ketchup, mustard, trash sacks, baggies, and toys. I think I've talked myself out of the picnic. Maybe we'll just go to the park after we eat.

What are you doing today?


Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Weigh In

This week I have nothing to report, other than I am trucking along. I had a stomach bug that wiped me out for 2 days this past week and I then decided to change my course of action. I joined Weight Watchers instead of continuing on with HMR. I know I can succeed at Weight Watchers and feel good about myself while doing it because I have done it in the past. I also know it will fit into my current lifestyle much better than the other program. So, we shall see what the scale says about it next week!


Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Raising a Praise Baby

That is my heart's cry for Henry. I want him to love Jesus early in life and I plan to encourage that anyway I can.

Tonight I orderd this for Henry and I am so excited about it! We listened to the sample songs on the computer tonight before we ordered it and it made my heart so happy. I think Henry will love watching it. He has noticed the TV this past week and he loves music. Should be fun.

I then saw this and HAD to order it for our car rides. The list of songs made me giggle with excitement for Henry. I can't wait for him to hide all these little songs in his heart and sing them to his baby when he is 31! I plan to put these in his Easter basket...if I can wait that long to open them. I think I am more excited about this than Henry will ever be! ha.


Sunday, March 7, 2010

A Magnolia Day

I got to spend the day with my sweet friend, Rochelle. She was my neighbor in Byhalia. I miss having her next door so much that sometimes my heart aches. When we found out we were moving 2 years ago the one thing that upset us the most was leaving our little homestead we had created with Ms. Rochelle and Mr. Garry. I still get a tear in my heart thinking about it. Life with them next door was so much fun and provided a comfort that is not replaceable.

Taking Henry to meet them was great fun. It was like old times on a lazy Sunday afternoon. There is something to be said for the peaceful, calmness of that place. Ms. Rochelle kept asking me if I could hear how quiet it was and I would just smile and soak it up. It did my heart good. We walked the long driveway that provided many evenings of exercise for me the 4 years we lived there and chatted about everything under the sun, sat on the back porch and ate a divine meal cooked in her kitchen.
Of course like any good daughter and mother, I made sure we stopped at Daddy & Connie's so they could see Henry and of course ...Randall and me. I know the later is not near as important as Henry! Ashley made sure to come by and see him also because every good Mississippi girl needs a dose of Henry. We missed Auntie Babs, but we will see her next time.

A good day. Laundry will be backed up this week and there are no groceries in the house as we start the week, but there is something to be said for living a little and letting things come as they may. I am going to try to live by this code a bit much as my Type A personality will allow!


Friday, March 5, 2010

The Sisters Typical Day

Abby's Day:

6:15 - alarm goes off. I turn it off and convince myself that 5 more minutes will be fine and close my eyes.
6:20 - I get up and start getting dressed. It is a lot more of a rush than BH (before Henry) and there is no more thinking "does this look cute or not"...we just go with it and hope for the best.
6:40- I bring Henry to my bed so I can hear him if he chooses to cry and wake up while I am in my bathroom beautifying myself. He loves to be on Mama's pillow :)
6:50 - I make a smoothie for breakfast and get my things together for the day
7:00- I give Henry all my kisses and then get him dressed for the day. We then love on each other a bit more.
7:15- Henry goes in his car seat and we head out to start our day.
7:30 - Henry arrives at daycare and sees his little friends and sweet teachers.
7:40 - I leave daycare and head to work to see my little friends and start my day. I usually call my Mama, Randall or my sister on my drive in.
8:00- I take off my mama hat and put on my marketing hat for the next 9 hours. I coordinate all the marketing for our healthcare system which means meetings, phone calls, emails galore, errands, events, community involvement, and a fire extingusher for the fires I put out all day.
5:00 - The whistle blows and I race for home or daycare, depending on if Randall is in town. If he is in town, he picks up Henry about 4:00 and I get to head straight home. I like those days. If not, I go to daycare and get my baby boy.
5:20- I walk in the door and get Henry out of his car seat and we chill for a few minutes.
5:45- I decide I might need to eat or the chance might pass me by for the night. I used to cook and make nice meals. That has not happened since I started work. I must work on this and let the Healthy Choice Steamers take a rest. They are all beginning to taste alike.
6:00 - I put Henry in his bouncey seat and carry it with me to the kitchen to wash bottles and the blender from my smoothie I made before work. We then get everything ready for his 3 bottles he will have before we leave for daycare the following morning.  We then get everything ready for his bath (he takes it in the kitchen).
6:30 - We go back to the back of the house and let mama take her work clothes off and get comfy.
6:40- We go back to the den and let Henry play a bit.
7:00 - Henry eats and then gets his bath.
7:45-10:00- Henry will sit in my lap or Randall's lap, play a bit and fall asleep. I will veg out, shower, read a mag, watch a show, do laundry, and some nights I get on Facebook
10:00 - Henry gets fed and lights out for everyone...we are dead tired by this time.
4:00 - Henry decides he needs to eat and cries out for his 4 ounces of goodness. I get up and feed that sweet boy and put him right back down.
4:20 - I go back to bed with hopes that maybe the next 2 hours will be quality sleep.
6:15 - We do it again!

Julie's Day:

7:00-The boys wake up. They used to set their alarms for 7:00. I stopped that! I didn't like hearing an alarm clock first thing in the morning. (I'm a tad bit spoiled)
Sometime after 7:00- Anna comes and gets in bed with us. We watch tv, flipping from GMA, to Today and Cosby Show.
8:00(ish)-I head to the kitchen, unload the dishwasher, put the first load of laundry in, tell the kids whats for breakfast, sometimes its a hot breakfast prepared by me, sometimes its a cold breakfast prepared by them, and go to the office. There I get on the computer and get ready for the days lessons.
9:00(ish)-I yell "ITS TIME FOR SCHOOL", the kids come in and we begin our school day. I'll give you a run down of our school day in another post. I put a load of laundry in the dryer and one in the washer.
11:45- The boys start asking whats for lunch. This question really gets on my nerves.
12:00- Lunch gets started. Sometimes I fix lunch, other times each child fixes his/her own lunch. It is usually the latter.
1:00-4:00- If school wasn't completed in the morning we finish now. I run errands, clean the house, take a shower, finish laundry, visit with friends, discipline children, go to the library, make plans for the upcoming days, plan supper, do stuff with the kids.
4:00-Begin supper preperations and fold clothes. I try to watch some tv.
5:00 Stephen comes home from work.
5:30(ish) We eat supper.
6:00-We head to ballgames, ball practice, boy scout meetings, church, or anything else we have scheduled for the night. If we are at home we watch tv, or play a game.
8:30- The kids head to bed.
8:35-The parents eat a snack.
10:00-Reuns of The Office come on, we watch and laugh together
11:00-We go to bed and sleep! Its been a good day.

These times are really approximate. Some days I don't wake up until 8:00, so the day gets started a little later. All the same things are accomplished, just on a pushed-back schedule.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

3 Month Sneak Peak

Go check out a few of the photos Lindsey took of Henry....they are so precious!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Henry - 3 Months

Henry Patton is 3 months old
Henry has grown so much since his 1 month post... and he has grown quite a bit from his 2 month post. He can hold his head up. He can babble like crazy. He likes to hit his mobile toys. He loves his Daddy a lot right now. He can sleep 6 to 7 hours on a good night. He is a morning person and loves to smile when he wakes up. When he gets real excited he spits is a tad bit annoying, yet cute. His reflux is better this month with the new formula. He has battled a cold all month but is on the mend. He likes his daycare teachers and is a lot calmer at home thanks to daycare. He has found his hands and likes to suck on them when his paci falls out. He likes to go fast in the car and hates when you hit the brakes for a stop light. He loves his bathtub and likes to splash. He discovers something new each day. He is still the sweetest little blessing. At night I love watching him sleep so peacefully in his bed. I stand by his crib and smile, and somestimes cry, while I thank God for such a special little gift.

Weigh In

Well I only lost .6 pounds this week. That is . 6 pounds. Make sure you read it correctly. It stinks. It is not even worth posting. I am miffed and most angry with it. I know I need to move my body each day but when do you suggest I do that, mister scale? After the 4:00 am feeding? Yes, I reckon so. Well, we will have to see about that. I will keep plugging along with hopes to be out of maternity jeans before Henry starts school.