Tuesday, December 4, 2007

We Got Our Tree!

We picked it out at Lowes, it was so much fun! We looked at all of them, picked several of them out and then voted on the winner from those. Good thing we were the only ones looking at trees! We got it home and put it in the stand in the garage and left it to get settled so we could decorate it Saturday afternoon. Fast forward to today-Tuesday and the tree is still in the garage. I woke up Saturday morning sick. I slept all day, missed a Christmas party and then slept all night. Sunday I laid around all day and felt bad. We always decorate the tree as a family but Samuel had a Cub Scout Pack meeting last night night so I think this year I may be decorating the tree by myself or maybe just with Stephen's help. And I have already shared with you my skill in decorating. I wish I had the money to have it professionally decorated. I have great visions of a beautiful room with greenery, lights, poinsettias, and a beautiful tree with big ornaments and ribbon. But I will settle with what I have, which is just fine. It is nice, but not opulent, but neither am I -so as Anna would say, "we match!"



Sisters said...

I thought of Anna when I opened door 5 on my advent calendar this morning and wondered if she had any candy to eat out of her door 5 this morning? She is SO my child!!!!