Thursday, December 6, 2007

I Choose the Calendar Tradition

I so agree with Abby, I think that if I had to choose between the chocolate advent calendar and the Christmas tree as my favorite Christmas tradition at our house, I would choose the calendars. I love them, and knowing my kids do too makes it even more special. This year, Aunt Abby sent the kids pictures of Santa with numbers on it and cotton balls for the kids to glue on each day, so that by Dec 24, Santa will have a full cotton ball beard. They are loving this too! Samuel said Aunt Abby could find anything on the computer for the kids to play with!
I must brag- Samuel had a math test yesterday and made a 100 on it, a history quiz and made a 100 on it, a science quiz and made a 100 on it! I was so proud and he was too. After making a few B's in a row, he had decided that B's were just fine. But after making 3 100's in a row, he remembered how good it felt to make an A! Yea! for Samuel. (And we use Abeka curriculum so it wasn't as if I made up the tests, they were real school tests and hard ones at that!)Merry Christmas you guys, there are less than 20 days until Christmas and I have so many more presents to buy! AAAAHHHHHH!!!!!



Sisters said...

I am so glad my Fab Four loves Santa as much as we did as little ones yet they know Jesus is the reason we REALLY celebrate. I am so glad our family is able to find balance. It is so much fun. Whoo-Hoo for advent calendars!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I am so proud of Sam and the young man he has become. Hooray for those A's and God Bless him and his siblings, and his Momma, and his Daddy.
I am looking forward to watching those younguns open presents friday night. Jesus and children...that's the main parts of Christmas.