Friday, December 14, 2007

Christmas Crazy

I love this time of year. Everyone is frantically searching for all those last minute gifts and taking care of end of the year business. It is like a bunch of ants marching all around guarding the queen. Love it! Ahhhh, it actually drives me batty. My mind is in a thousand places like everyone else. Fun times but crazy times.
Jules and my fab four are coming to my house this morning for S family Christmas.....YEA! We shall have 16 in our home tonight for a fun Christmas gathering. Can you believe I have not seen the sister or my babies since July? Wow, this is the longest we have gone without seeing each other. I have missed her sweet face. I hear her voice most everyday but seeing her is so much sweeter.
Well, I am off to decorate for the board Christmas party. It is tonight at some place in the ghetto of Memfrica. I am decorating and then heading home to see my sister. I love my job. My boss & Rand don't love the idea of me driving down to the ghetto alone. I am cool with it though. I told my boss that I will just turn up my bass and blend because...Santa don't come to the Ghetto!
I need more sleep...really, you think?!


Michael said...

I've got a sweet cassette tape of Gangsta's Paradise for ya... "Whyyyyyyy are weeee soooo bliind to see". That ought to help you fit right in.

Anonymous said...

I am so glad that you girls and your families finally got together. It warms my heart to know how much you love each other. and just think you will be together again at my house in a week. yea!!! for me