Thursday, December 13, 2007

That Latest Anna Story Is This...

Update: Anna has decided not to parent Becca after all. She has given her up to another mom but will still be her daycare provider. Oh, Anna...what a little imagination.

Anna has a baby doll named Becca. She carries Becca around and loves on her and likes to change her clothes, and all that fun girly stuff. I've known for some time that Anna was just the babysitter and that Becca had a mother that worked, and sometimes shopped. Today, I asked where Becca's mom was and Anna said that Becca's mom had died today and that now she was Becca's mom. So sadness reigned in the house for a while. But Anna is taking good care of Becca, much like a mother would. Becca's mom would be proud.



Sisters said...

I am still curious why and how Becca's Mama died. Very interesting. She is one funny little sissy, for sure!

McCrory Sissy said...

How sweet. I never had a little girl so I can't imagine what it's like. Yours is so precious.
Aunt Diana

Anonymous said...

That is extremly weird ! What are
you "homeschooling" my precious granddaughter?I can't wait to see her and the boys (and of course their parents) tomorrow night.
Santa Claus is coming to town (actually Byhalia) ! !