Friday, December 28, 2007

Christmas Memories

What a wonderful Christmas! It started in Byhalia last Wednesday when Rand and I exchanged our presents to each other. We then headed out to Cabot to do Christmas last Friday with his Mama. Then on Saturday we headed into the Fort to do Christmas with my family. We had so much fun taking the Fab Four to ride the train, making a gingerbread house with them and making sure they didn't kill each other or us before my sister got into town on Christmas Eve. We loved visiting Melissa's precious boys. Drew always loves showing Randall his boots. Being with my aunts, uncles, grandparents, Melissa, my sister's family and my super sweet Mama always makes Christmas special. I am so thankful for a loving family who accepts, loves and welcomes me home no matter what.
Now we are in Morton spending time with Rand's aunt and uncle. Rand is killing ducks and shooting at deer. We sometimes get really worn out traveling all over the world to do Christmas, but we are so grateful to have family who want us to come stay with them at his special time of year. Enjoy the slide show and Happy 61st Daddy-o!



lindsey said...

sweet pictures!! so glad you had a wonderful christmas!! aren't we all very blessed??!!