Monday, December 24, 2007


We are together! Abby and I are actually writing this as a joint effort.
We are spending time with our family, but before we did that, we went to run an errand. (We took Randall with us) We decided to go to Sonic, because Abby HAD to have a route 44 drink. We got there at 12:50, as you know happy hour starts at 2:00, I commented that happy hour started in just a little over an hour. So Randall decided that we should go kill some time at Walmart. So we did, we went to Walmart, spent some money, went to TJ Maxx, didn't spend any money and then sat at Sonic for 15 minutes! I couldn't believe we were this cheap!!
Next subject!
Abby and I have on matching jeans(same size even just different lengths!) and sort-of the same shirt, really the only way they are the same is that they both are Christmasy and our cousin Hollye (who is now 40!) gave them to us.
If you were here we would sing We wish you a Merry Christmas to you and probably throw in a little Jingle Bells and Away in the Manger for good measure. So consider yourself caroled to by us-the Santa Sistas!!!!!


Stacey M. said...

Hey abby! I know you are enjoying your break as much as I am!!! I too love working for a school.

So - check out this link:

I was doing a little blog reading this morning and ran across this. Thought it was right up your alley!

See you next week.