Tuesday, June 26, 2007

What A Peach

I love this picture of my Rand looking all Sassy

My husband has been so sweet this past week. He is of course always a peach yet this past week he has been extra peachy! I had a root canal with a crown and three fillings on the right side of my mouth yesterday. I was at the dentist for almost four hours. I looked like Mike Tyson leaving the boxing ring. I was beat up real bad. In times like this, I am always reminded that Randall really is the best nurse. He even put dishes in the dishwasher after making me a fat free milkshake and then bringing me a spoonful of ice cream to bed so I would have a smile on my face in my sleep (Too cute, I know). He then informed me he is putting in an attic fan this weekend because he is afraid my Granny-size stock of Christmas d├ęcor may be getting too hot up in the attic. He then informs me of his vacation plans for us this year and I must say I am rather excited and surprised at him. All this after he let me buy new bedding and curtains for our bedroom this past weekend. (If you know Rand, you know he is a penny pincher!) Anyway, maybe he is buttering me up for his fancy workshop or a new tractor, who knows but I really like it! We must remember these fresh peachy times on the days they tend to get too ripe to fool with!



Anonymous said...

what a wonderful tribute to you husband. wow i am glad that you got him or maybe that he got you. enjoy this time in your life. make wonderful memories
love mama

Anonymous said...

I like the new layout of your page. Looks good. I'm sure Randall loves your tribute to him :) He's a cutie and I'm glad he's taking good care of you!!