Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Fun Days

Well, this is a fun week for all of us! David and Daniel are going to a 3 day-day camp at Cane Creek State Park (which is right here in good 'ol Star City!) it is from 9-4. They are having a blast, and it gives Samuel and I some time alone together. Well Anna is with us, but 2 is better than 4 sometimes!!!! Samuel is going swimming just about everyday. We have a private pool in the neighborhood that we have a membership to (thank you FBC!) and so he swims! He loves it, and the rest of us love it too!! David said a funny the other day: he said his thumb toes were hurting!! Isn't that a hoot????? Well, I will be out of town next week. We are going to the Southern Baptist Convention in San Antonio and we leave Saturday and come back the next Saturday. I am excited!!! I'll let you know how much fun it is(was!)!!!!!

Love ya'll!!!


Sisters said...

I love the thumb toes. You should have also shared that Anna's polka dots are "tater tots" and her flip-flops are "sip-sops". Oh, those 4 babies and that text messaging hubby of your make me laugh.