Thursday, June 7, 2007

Smile, You Are On Camera

Yes, I am on camera. The office security camera, that is. My boss has decided to put camera’s on each employee in order to keep a pulse on his staff at all times. Yep, micro-manager. So, I noticed a camera this morning when I glanced up. I am still not sure what made me glance up. Maybe I felt it in my subconscious. It is positioned right on the back of my head pointed at my desk. I have asked him to let me know how the back of my hair looks day to day and I also asked him to please ignore me if I pick my nose. I think he was floored by my confrontation about it but I wasn’t letting it go unnoticed. I found out it is borderline against the law. If there was audio it would be illegal. All employees have rights to privacy at their workstations. I think the privacy line is what is debatable though. The kicker to all this, the monitor sits on his desk right beside his computer screen. Micro-management is no fun. Smile, because you may be on camera too!



Nathan and Emily said...

Gotta Love the Micromanagers! Do you mind if I link to your blog from mine? Have a great week!