Friday, June 29, 2007

Cake Crazy

Cake Class Snapshot

Yes, David & Daniel, Aunt Abby can now make your birthday cakes! I have completed Wilton Cake Decorating Course 1. A Weight Watchers nightmare, but I did it anyway. It was something I thought would be relaxing and fun. Boy was I ever surprised at the anxiety I faced preparing my cake for class each week. Icing the cake each week about put me in a head spin. Then, making a level round cake was something I thought I would never master. My instructor was quick to let me know that she was not there to teach me to bake yet was always quick to criticize the cake shape (As you can imagine, I do not like her too much!). I bought all the gadgets I could find to make my cakes turn out just right but like with anything, it takes much practice (And calling the mother in tears to tell her she should have spent more time teaching me about round cakes. Poor Mama!). After borrowing eggs from the neighbor and using every cake mix I had in my cabinets, I think I can make a round cake and level it, even! I plan to take Course 2 but with another instructor. I still have so much room for improvement and hope to build on the skills I have learned so far. Please enjoy looking at the three cakes I made. I never said I was going to become a baker for a living so judge gently!

Cake 3 - Roses & the Leaf

Cake 2 - Drop Flowers

Cake 1- Star Flowers


Anonymous said...

Nice Cake Lady

Sisters said...

Thanks Rand...I see you admiring it!

Anonymous said...

looks pretty good to me!!

Nathan and Emily said...


I am so impressed! I have said many times I would love to take that class and never have. Way to meet your goal - you go girl!

Have a great weekend.

Anonymous said...

Looks good!!! You are inspiring me to take the class