Sunday, June 24, 2007

Land of the Sick

I am writing you from the land of the sick. As I told you last time, Anna was sick on Sunday. Well, it just got worse from there! She broke out in a rash on Tuesday and Daniel started running a fever Tuesday night. I took them to the doctor and Anna has strep and Daniel's lymph nodes are swollen and his throat is red and looks"streppy" the doctor said. So, we started Anna and Daniel on medicine Wednesday. About 3 hours later David started running a fever and so he also started medicine Wednesday. David & Daniel both got the rash yesterday and Samuel started running a temp and feeling bad Friday night. He played two ballgames and did great, but he really crashed after they were over. All of that and VBS starts tomorrow!!! So yesterday I was at the church for six hours working and Stephen was with the kids. We had a big tailgate party to kick-off VBS last night and none of my children were able to come. I hate it for them. I don't even think any of them are going to church today. Does anyone want to come to Star City and help me? I was really thinking we would be through all of this sickness, but I think going to the ballgame sent D&D into a relapse and just did Samuel in! Anna is doing good though-I think it is her orneriness kicking in!!! One of these days I will post and not be complaining
about something I promise. One day soon!!!

Love ya'll,


Sisters said...

I wish I was there to help spray your house down with Lysol and take you to Sonic for a Route 44 during happy hour. You deserve a Route 44 break,sister!