Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The Flu has Flown in

After church Sunday I suddenly felt BAD! It was weird, I had felt fine all morning and then after church I had no energy to go anymore.

I went home and went straight to bed, I didn't even turn on the tv and that isn't like me at all! Stephen got Wings To Go wings for supper and I didn't even eat them. That's when I knew something was wrong because I'm in love with buffalo garlic wings! 

Yesterday I felt bad but acted as if I didn't, but crashed last night, and i've stayed crashed since then.

Samuel took me to the doctor's office today and sat with me for 3 hours. Three hours! They finally swabbed my nose with the longest swabs known to man and announced the flu was indeed among us! Oh glory!

I got home, finally, to find Anna and David coughing and alternating between being dizzy and being chilled. It seems I've infected my home. Luckily the doctor sent home prescriptions for everyone in the house, so they've begun Tamiflu just like me! 

Sunday night I got in bed to find the note above. I can hardly stand the sweetness of that dear child. She just came in crying because she was sad that I was sick and she misses me. Does it get anymore pitiful than that? 

Stay clear of the flu people, it's bad!!


Kelley said...

My daughter got the flu last year. It was the absolute worst thing ever! Feel better soon!