Sunday, November 3, 2013

Halloween at the Beach

We're at the beach for a few days of R&R. We usually try to come once a year, but didn't make it this summer, so it's better late than never!

My observations of the beach so far are these:

1) The sand isn't hot! 
2) My family is the youngest on the beach, and that includes Stephen and myself.
3) It's windy.
4) The waves are big which makes up for #5
5) The water is COLD!
6) There are hardly any beach chairs on the beach. Maybe two per condo, which makes the beach look deserted, which I love. ( can I have a sentence like that? With two "which's) in it)
7) There are no airplanes toting banners in the sky.
8) The sky, sun, water, waves and sand are just as beautiful in late October as they ever are.
9) Shrimp and steak are as yummy as in the summer.
10) I love my family on the beach!

And Stephen just added #11) "it's like an air-conditioned beach"