Thursday, November 14, 2013

Flying High

Well, as you probably guessed would happen, I'm not the only one in the house that has fallen ill. That sentence must not be grammatically correct, because autocorrect kept changing ill to I'll. It did it on that sentence to. I wonder why it doesn't like the word ill? (And it did it again! Ugh!)

Stephen came home yesterday with a fever. That meant 5/6 of us were down. Samuel is the only one that is standing strong! Poor guy. He's having to do everyone's chores, run all of our errands and at the same time stay away from us. 

We've made memories though. Anna and I have watched way to many Christmas movies for the middle of November. David, Daniel, and I have texted each other from opposite ends of the house. And Stephen and I have laughed while laying in bed at the hilarity of this sickness. And let's not forget that we are relying on Samuel, our brand new 16 yr old driver, to pick up meds and go to the bank for us.

I love doing life with these people, it is what God intended for my life and I'm forever grateful!


Kelley said...

I hope you all get well soon!