Sunday, November 3, 2013

Beach Memories

We had an awesome time at the beach this week! Don't my people look happy?!
We went on a dolphin cruise. It wasn't something Stephen and I were real excited about, but the kids had wanted to go for the last couple of years. It was so fun! It was a beautiful day, the temperature was perfect to be on a boat, and the dolphins put on quite a show.
I have always loved the beach, and counted it as my happy place. But I found out this week that November at the beach is really my happy place! Watching the waves roll in while laying on the beach in my yoga pants and monogrammed sweatshirt is perfection! 
All four of the kids braved the cold water day after day. It rained, the waves were huge a couple of days, and the red flags were out, but it didn't stop them from getting in the water. A big thanks to Stephen's parents for letting us tag along with them to the beach!