Sunday, November 24, 2013

Frosty Fun in Nashville

Frosty the Snowman is the theme of ICE! at Opryland this year. We did Shrek last year and decided we needed to do Frosty this time. We drove over for it one day last week. It is 5 hours from our house.

Henry loved the slide and went down it alone. I was so proud. He got stuck inside. It was comical watching him shake, scoot, rock, etc trying to move down. Everyone cheered when he started moving again. He was smiling so big. He was proud.

We loved the red ice train. This display is so impressive. I have seen ICE! three times and I am always overwhelmed at the detail and mystery of how they make all this stuff out of ice!

The had a NYC display and Henry had to drive the taxi, of course.

We went in the middle of a week day so we had the place to ourselves, for the most part. Henry got to ride the train and ring the bell the whole time. We also rode the boat in the hotel, which we had never done before. It was fun to not have to fight the crowds.

I rode the tea cups with him and taught him how to make it spin fast. It was so funny. We were both so dizzy we struggled to stand up when it was over.

A Country Christmas at Opryland was a fun outing with my boys. We went to the mall afterwards and ate at Chuy's. We were headed to a hotel room when Randall persuaded me to let him drive home instead. We got a dozen HOT Krispy Kremes, Diet Cokes, put Henry in his jammies, and headed for the house. We got home at midnight and were so glad to wake up in our own beds. We are odd, but real...I like it. Memories.