Tuesday, January 10, 2012

School days

School Days, School Days...

The kids went to school today. Not "real" school, as we call public school, but a homeschool academy that meets on Tuesdays. Everyone was excited, and everyone was a bit apprehensive about going this morning. They all looked so cute. I wish I had taken a picture. I just don't even think in pictures anymore! Shameful I know.

I woke up early this morning fixed breakfast and made lunches for the three in our family that don't care for spaghetti, which is what was being served for lunch at school. Sadly, I didn't think ahead about lunches and was out of bread and zippy bags. So, I made peanut butter crackers and wrapped them in foil. Poor things, they don't even know to be embarrassed!

Samuel is taking Geography, Civil War History, Music, and Drama. David and Daniel are taking Music, Science, Art, Cooking, and English. Anna is taking Music, Art, Cooking, Thinking Skills, and Grammar/Reading.

I hope they love it. I hope I love it. I also hope to be able to teach something at the Academy next year. After all, it is what I do. I'm praying about what I can do for the Academy and the children and also for me!

I hope ya'll have a great day today. It's cloudy and cold here, but I'm looking forward to a day that I can do anything I want. I just wish I could figure out what is at the top of that list!