Friday, January 27, 2012

A Little Morning "Cheese"

We attempted a little photo session before school one morning this week. It was for Henry's Valentine's Day card. He loves to say "cheese" but sitting still is not his best thing. He has so much to do and see. He has never been 2 is a big deal.

He makes me laugh. Always smiling and saying "cheese" but not looking at the camera. I practically stand on my head, bark, moo, sing, etc to get his attention but he just laughs and looks all around. There is so much to explore and see when you are 2.

He is going to be a heavily sought after Valentine, don't you agree? The girls in Toddler 2 may do some hair pulling over this boy on Feb 14th (I am such a modest mother). We can't wait to share his card with you on that day. I am doing a super fun theme for him this year. Last year it was airplanes and this year may top it. Oh, what fun it is to be the mama of such a fine boy!