Thursday, January 12, 2012

Little Big Town

I have lived in small town for most of my married life. I have only lived in a town with a Walmart in it for a total of 19 months. I've been married for 18 years!!!

I've loved living in small towns. I enjoy the closeness of the community, knowing what people drive and waving when we pass on the road. I like the small-town feel. I like being able to see the stars at night from my backyard. I love not having to lock the doors of my house or car. I have loved small town living. I have embraced it.

But let me tell you about living in a bigger town. I LOVE IT EVEN MORE!!! I never thought I wanted to live in a bigger town. 2700 people was big enough for me. But, I don't know if I can go back.

I can run & get Anna tights before church on Sunday (something I couldn't do in my small town), I can get free wifi at my local McDonald's. I like the traffic. I like the bigger town feel of the community. I even enjoy my security system and hearing my van honk when I lock it!

My kids are loving it. They have a large number of friends that they are running around with and having a great time. There are air-soft battles, video game battles, and basketball games. Anna is playing school, dolls and running around with the boys. They are enjoying Awana on Wednesday nights. This weekend David and Daniel have an Awana lock-in they are looking forward to.

I have bemoaned my situation on here quite a few times. I wanted to let you know that my kids are doing good. Sure, we have moments of "total despair", but they are quickly followed by moments of happiness and delight. Stephen and I are doing well also. We are making progress, making friends and making great memories.

Thanks for your prayers. This is not permission to stop praying, but an update on how your prayers are being answered. God is so good. Even when we cry and feel desperate and broken, He is good!

ps Stephen went to school with one of the guys in the group Little Big Town. It's one of our only real claims-to-fame. I wonder if he would remember us?