Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Randomness Part 4,390,213

***The devastation and loss in Joplin upsets me greatly. The outpouring of support from the people of Arkansas is heartwarming but the support of those just affected by tornadoes in Alabama just blows me away. (Bad use of words.)

***Our cousin Hollye's husband Matthew was in a car accident this morning. He is very sore and will be for days but thankfully came away from flipping his car, and sliding down the expressway with just soreness. We are so very thankful to God that no one else was hurt and that Matthew was able to walk away from the accident. We love him so much, he is one of us. Poor guy!

***Stephen preached on the return of Jesus Sunday. I am so excited about seeing Jesus's face. Can you imagine? Getting to see Him face to face? It's more than I can fathom really.

***We drive by the pool everyday to see the progress that is being made for our summer of swimming! Yesterday they were power-washing it. Painting is next and then it gets filled with water. My excitement can hardly be contained!! I need to remember to buy goggles for the kids.

***What's up with ya'll? Anything exciting? Any big summer plans? Tell us, we really want to know!