Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Random Happies

These two give me purpose and I am so thankful for that! Henry and his Daddy wear me out, but make me laugh most of the time. They are two peas in a pod, that is for sure. Henry loves going on truck rides with his Daddy to his plots. This one was ready to plant, so Daddy's crew is actually there right now planting beans and corn.

The great flood of 2011 had been so sad and stressful for those around us. The flood may be sad, but this picture of 3 generations of Rives boys makes me smile. Randall's Grandad's house butts up to the White River and it is now in his backyard. They were checking it out. His house is not in danger, in case you are wondering. No is just a sight to see! Thankfully it is going down now.

I love looking out my kitchen window and seeing this. Randall tried to dig this flower bed up last year because he wanted a deck, but I saved it from ruin and I am so glad! He sort of likes it now too, but he won't admit it. I planted bulbs a few weeks ago and they are trying to come up. I can't wait to see it with all that extra color from the irises and lilies!

I love my sister. She sent clothes for Henry, some Cricut letters she made for me and a DVD. She decorated the outside of the box with all kinds of messages. This was my favorite. It made me laugh outloud!

The joys of parenting. I smile at this picture. Henry is SO busy and in turn, we are SO busy slapping that arm and saying "No". It gets exhausting at times. Henry was behind his great-grandaddy's house trying his best to get into everything he was not suppose to. I see this shot in real life about 50 times a to love it!

I hate a cat. Nana has a really fat cat named Bit. Henry loves that cat. Oh, me!

Gigi and juice. After naptime Henry has to have Gigi in one hand and his juice in the other. Life is so sweet and simple, really. I just love all the simple moments of my life!



Kelley said...

Henry looks like a big boy in those pictures! He is so cute!