Friday, May 27, 2011

Food Friday

I remember the panic that would overtake my little person when I heard the ice cream van in our neighborhood. It was a race against the sound of the creepy ice cream music to get the dime from Mama and bolt out to the street before the little people passed by our house. Our ice cream van drivers where little people. Until I moved to Memphis and saw an ice cream van, I just assumed they were all little people...I am so naive and such a dork, I know.
Anyway, an orange push pop was always my Popsicle of choice from the ice cream van. I found some at Walmart this week and brought them home. It brings back such fun memories and Henry loves to take a few licks. I am finally at that place in life where sharing a Popsicle is actually a joy!

It is time for corn on the cob and that makes me so happy. I love finding the happy old man on the side of the highway with the 10 for 1 buck deal, bringing them home, shucking them and putting them in the freezer for later. Grilling them is my favorite. We grilled some this week and it was so yummy! I just hate digging corn out of my teeth afterwards.

Yes, I started couponing this week. I went to this fun and informative coupon class in town last weekend and got all sorts of valuable information. I also met lots of women who coupon and have coupon swaps. Next week I have 2 coupon swaps to attend. I am laughing, but so excited!

I am just starting to build up my coupon collection. This week I saved a lot comping at Walmart and pairing some of the comps with coupons I had. I ended up buy 16 cake mixes, 12 2 liters of my joy juice (Diet Coke), 6 packages of 99% ff ground turkey, and too many other things to mention and spent what I normally spent before coupons and comping. We started quite the little stockpile this week and I love it....and Randall is liking it too!

They say it can take 2 to 3 months to build it up where you can walk in to the store each week and just buy bread, milk and produce....that is my goal! I have a folder of great couponing info I plan to share with my family and close friends who are interested in couponing also. There is truly no need to pay full price for a name brand cake mix....just sayin! And no, I will not be the crazy coupon lady who devotes a bedroom to her stockpile and has to dust it.

And the little foodie is like, "Mama, do we really need all these cake mixes?!"

Happy Food Friday!



Kelley said...

I am interesting in couponing too. There is a new show on TLC that is about extreme couponers. It is so neat!

Kelley said...

Interested not interesting. Good grief. I shouldn't blog past 8PM. ha!

RockiesRazorback said...

Love couponing! I started about 3 months ago and have a pretty good stockpile going. You should share your tips!