Thursday, May 19, 2011


Well, its the end of the school year and busyness has hit!!

We have been running all over the place the last few weeks and will be for the next couple of weeks. I must brag on my kids. Now, I know they are 13, 10 & 7 so they should be well-behaved but I have put my children in situations lately that have required them to sit quietly with nothing at all to do and they have made me such a proud Mom! I forget that I have really great kids. I also forget to tell them that they're great. This will serve as a reminder to go and tell them. Tell yours too!

I've been helping decorate for a wedding & reception this weekend. Those of you that know me and those that have been to my house are laughing loudly right now and feeling so sorry for the bride. It turns out with someone else on my team I'm not so bad! We've had late nights this week with a couple more to go but the reception is going to look beautiful and the ceremony is, well, it will be just right!

Last night between decorating I helped out at the Senior Dinner our church had for our 11 graduating seniors. Cooking, plating and cleaning may not be what I'm best at. Strangely, last night I felt more at home giving my opinion on where flowers should hang and benches should sit. The seniors and their families had a great time, dinner was awesome and clean-up was clean-up. I told them next year we're taking the seniors out to dinner! HA!

So, I've been busy. What have you been up to? Buying graduation gifts? ( I need help in that department!) Planning a wedding? Getting over a cold? Tell me!