Wednesday, May 18, 2011

It's Elmo!

Henry has been saying "me-mow" for weeks now and we have had no idea what he is saying. He is so cute when he says it and we just make up ideas for what it means. Well, this morning I figured it out. He is saying "Elmo"!

He must watch it as school from time to time because we rarely watch it here. I turned it on this morning and he went crazy. It made me laugh and so proud to figure out what "me-mow" means. I guess we will have to watch Elmo more, much to our dislike. Barney and Elmo drive us nuts!



The Family Marsico said...

Hate Barney, but we do love some Elmo and Seasame Street. We tried not to get too much into an Elmo craze, but both my kids do and have loved Elmo, so we have just gone with it.

Barney on the other hand, I have just not been able to embrace. Apparently they watch it some at school, too, because Janson knows it. My SIL gave him an old Barney stuffed dino that was one of her girl's and he loves it. Sleeps with it almost every night. It sings the song - quietly - and he presses and presses the button I think until he falls asleep. God bless him!

My brother hated Barney so much that he told his girls that Barney was dead and made them both cry!