Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Weekend Recap

David is still suffering with the effects of mono. Poor kid. He just lays around. I told him last night he had already had it a week, and people say it lasts 2-4 weeks. So maybe he just has 1-3 weeks left. I hope, but I doubt.

Sunday I kept him home from the morning worship. Sunday night we were cooking out and playing games at church. He went for a couple of hours and then begged to come home. After we ate, he and I left the others and went home to rest. I'm pretty sure I'm going to be well-rested when this is all over.

Stephen's dad sent the kids money for fireworks. They each got to pick out what they wanted to buy with their money. Sunday night, we all gathered in the backyard and watched as each of the kids fireworks were blown up, popped, and set afire. Then we watched Stephen's fireworks. I think he got to spend more money then they did. His were bigger and brighter! But we had such a good time, in between swatting the mosquitos!

What did you do for the fourth?


Kelley said...

Hope David is feeling better soon. My nephew is 18 and has mono right now. Feels AWFUL. Had a cookout with my family and in laws. It was a lot of fun. My neighborhood has a big fireworks display. We just watch that from the back yard.

Anonymous said...

Tell David I hope he gets better soon so he can go swimming again.

Burgers and 1.5 hrs of fireworks with the in-laws on the 4th! These people know how to buy fireworks! Great show.

Love ya,