Monday, July 19, 2010

My Texas Treasures

We took Henry to east Texas to meet my grandparents. It was long overdue and a super sweet time of us being together and loving each other. We are so blessed to have such a loving family. I took this as Mawmaw grabbed Henry from me for the first time. Mouth and eyes are in motion and I just love it...I needed her to touch him. I know that may sound odd, but I needed it and today I am smiling because of it.
Henry took right to them and loved playing at their house. He found the mirror in the dining room and took right to it. He is his mother's child! I have a picture of me looking in another mirror my Mawmaw has when I was close to his age. I thought it was cute.

We loved taking Henry to Texas and showing him what it is all about...oil and family. We took some fun photos in downtown Kilgore in the Texas size heat.

Henry loved looking at new things and posing for the camera. He is a ham.

He and his daddy are a silly pair and quite cute, if I must say so.

Henry in front of the oil derricks.

Henry loved bonding with his UD and grilling out under his peach trees.

Henry took right to Mawmaw's piano and banged on the keys as best as he could. She said he was too little to teach and he proved that for us when he slipped off the bench and fell under the piano. It was worries, he came out without any scars.

I treasure my times in their home and took great delight in taking my baby boy to meet them. I wish the times were more frequent, yet we always catch up as though we saw each other yesterday. I love how they love us and I hope my children and grandchildren can say that about Randall and me. It was a great weekend and I can't wait to take Henry back so he can bang on her piano again!


Amanda M. said...

SO sweet! You are blessed to have such a wonderful family!!

Sarah Beth said...

Sweet, sweet moments. I know you soaked them up. I LOVED seeing the photos. Made me miss them! I need some Mawmaw squeezes soon!

kathy said...

she is coming to julie's birthday i think, sarah could get some squeezes then.

Kelley said...

That is a precious post Abby! It is so important to take those pictures of him with family. You are doing and awesome job. I need to remember to grab my camera more often.