Thursday, July 22, 2010

A Friend

Tommy Atchley was a great man. He was a christian and a lover of the Lord. He was a powerful testimony to the love of Christ. He was honest, nice, caring, giving, and funny!

His family and Stephen's family vacationed together at the beach for many years. The families were close and he was Stephen's first "boss". Stephen spent a couple of summers working at Tommy's heating and air business.

Stephen learned a lot those summers. Somethings not worth repeating. But he also learned how Tommy conducted himself in his business.

Stephen has preached many a sermon on the kind of man Tommy was. On how a christian man should conduct himself in business and in his personal life. Tommy made a great impact on Stephen and so many others.

Tuesday night Tommy went to be with the Lord. It is such a sad time for his family and friends. He had such a great spirit and personality about him.

Stephen is going to Ft. Smith for the funeral. He and two other preachers that are all about the same age are going to preach it. Three young men that Tommy poured his life into are going to speak of his life today, and tell others that they can also live a life like Tommy and receive the ultimate reward when their life ends.

I'm staying home with the kids. Daniel is feeling better, but is still running a fever. Anna has an appointment this morning with the doctor. She has been complaining about her ear for a couple of days and is also running a fever. As much as I want to be with Stephen at the funeral. I know my place is home with my children.

It doesn't mean I'm not having a pity party though. Because I am. I'm cranky, crabby, and almost mad that I can't go. But as my friend Christy just told me in a text...suck it up and be a mom to your sick kids... Thats what friends are for right?! To remind us of our priorities and when they get shifted out of whack, a friend comes and whacks them right back into place!

That was the kind of man Tommy was. A friend. A wise friend.



Anonymous said...

Tommy Atchely was one of the finest people I have ever known !


Kelley said...

He sounds like a wonderful person. I know he will be greatly missed.

christy said...

Yes but I said I am SOrry first then that. Ilove you and thanks for being a great friend and telling me the truth when I didn't want to hear it.