Monday, July 19, 2010

The Summer of the Sick

As you may recall David was diagnosed with mono on July 1. He had a terribly high fever, sore throat, headache, and no energy. After a little over a week he began to feel better and he was his normal self again.

Fast forward to July 18. Daniel comes home from swimming all day and says he doesn't feel good. I take his temperature and its 101.8. He has a low body temperature so 101.8 was really high for him. He has since been complaining of a sore throat, headache and lack of energy.

Fast forward to July 19. Anna is running a low grade fever and has diarrhea.


Samuel is away for a couple of days with Stephen's parents. I'm praying he misses all the sickness.

We are all supposed to leave for church camp on Monday. We'll see!

I'll let you know what the doctor says about Daniel. I take him in the morning. I'm going to go ahead and have them see Anna too. All while David is at the dentist. Oh yes, the joys of mothering!!

But don't bother asking if I need help, I wouldn't trade this job for the world. And would you really want to ride in a van with 2 sick kids, 1 used-to-be-sick kid, and a mother? No, I didn't think so!!! HA!

I hope your day goes smoothly and that your family stays well for the rest of the summer. I hope that for me too!!!


Sarah Beth said...

Bless your hearts! I hope everyone feels better soon and that the rest of you don't get any of it. Love ya!