Friday, July 30, 2010

Food Friday

It is Food Friday!
I introduced this a few weeks ago and said it would be a mix of recipes, ramblings about food, and a host of other things related to food. Well, this week is an example of a post with no recipes and instead a little rambling.
Above you see the weekly Food Friday photo of can't be Friday without a food photo of our little foodie! It is posted first this time, instead of last, because I am a dork and loaded the photos backwards. He is not eating in this picture, as you can see, but he is in a field of soybeans so I thought it would work...a stretch I know! He went with his Daddy to check on his beans and corn last weekend. I love my boys and I treasure our fun times.
We grill a lot at our house. Almost too much. We tend to grill the same things too. pork chops, chicken, fish and burgers. We use the same seasonings and really don't think outside of the box. We are getting bored with our meat. If you grill and have some great recipes or ideas to share, please do! Leave a comment with your recipes or helpful hints.
How many of you think this show is a little much to watch? Maybe it is just me, but I can hardly stand to watch it. This poor guy has got to have one jacked up system...I don't even want to discuss what must go on in this digestive tract. Oh my! Randall and I have discussed the possible aftermaths of his binges and nothing good can come from it, I promise! Man Vs. Food...what a concept. I am waiting for him to kill over on one of the shows soon. There is only so much a human system can take before it breaks. Impressive and kudos to him for making a living off binge eating around the country.

Happy Food Friday!


Anonymous said...

"Bobby Joe's Hotty Toddy B.B.Que Chicken":
Use bone-in skinless chicken breasts.... Grill until almost done and then brush on original bullseye b.b. sauce.
It will make you slap your mother. Please give it a try..

The chicken that is...not slapping yo moma !

The Family Marsico said...

I just saw Man Vs Food for the first time this very day. I was fascinated. I just wanted to see what the next challenge would be. I kept wondering, "Do they just not show it when he throws up?" and "He keeps saying how great everything is. Is the food ever only so-so?"

If you want to try baked potatoes on the grill, get some aluminum throw away pans, put potatoes in them. Pour ice cream salt over the top to cover. Cover the pans with foil and stick on the grill in med-high to high heat for an hour. The salt chunks right off when it's time to eat and they are yummy!