Friday, May 28, 2010

We're Back!!

We had such a good time at Disney World.

The trip there was forever long. I didn't think we would ever make it.

We went to all four Disney parks and visited Magic Kingdom twice. The kids had an awesome time and we rode some great rides. Anna rode every roller coaster and loved them all. She had no fear!

We had our pictures taken with Mickey and all his friends, and even got autographs. What could be more fun.

We saw parades and fireworks, we swam in a baseball diamond shaped pool (which is really just a square!), we met some great people in line for a ride. We got to bed late and woke up early. We were first in line at the parks and didn't have to wait in long lines. Just two long lines, not bad.

It was hot, it was exhausting. But it was a great time. I'm glad we went. The kids all enjoyed it so much. At 12, 9, and 6 they were perfect ages to go. No one was whiney, no diaper changes, no naps needed to be taken. It was great!

Thanks to my cousin Hollye for giving me guidance, advice and sound wisdom in all things Disney. I couldn't have done it without you. The trip was as fun as it was because of all the advice you gave. Thanks so very much!!!

I would promise pictures but you know how that goes!!!



Anonymous said...

So glad the kids got to go and enjoy it. Its something they will always remember. The Disney World trip, however, will pale in comparison to the trip they will make to "GRANDDADDY AND AUNT CONNIE'S HOUSE IN JUNE ! "
I just don't see how anyone could want to ever go to DISNEY WORLD again after a trip to the world famous PINK PALACE !

Amanda M. said...

HOW FUN!!! I cannot wait 'til our littlest is just a bit bigger so we can go! :)