Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Henry in Pictures

I wanted to share a few pictures of Henry I have taken over the past couple of weeks that I have failed to post. I get so busy with life that I have not been posting like usual. Forgive me, but I am sure you will! Being a Mama is most important to me in my "free time" right now. I laugh at the "free time" because I am not sure what that is anymore. I think back on all the posts I have done the past 3 years that had me in deep thought and pondering life and it makes me laugh now. I have no time for deep thinking or pondering much of anything... and I love it! So funny how fast things change. Henry is our whole world now and it is such a cool place to be. I know he is mine, but is he not THE cutest thing you ever laid eyes on?!
Henry is starting to eat a little cereal and baby food. He is not a huge fan of eating like a big boy, but he is working his way into being an eater. He loves carrots though!

Henry is grasping and moving his arms like a pro. Of course most everything in his hands goes straight to his mouth. His gums are working on some teeth I think.

Henry is most sporty and fashionable. I love dressing him each day. It is like having a real live baby doll. I know we have folks who think I dress him too "girlie" but he is a baby and this is the only time in his life he can wear polka dots, smocked and monogrammed pieces and not be a called a sissy! He is so cute in all his wears and does get lots of positive response on what a fine boy he is.

Henry loves bonding with his Daddy. His Daddy is quite fond of him also. I smile just thinking about life to come with these 2 boys. I know my days are going to be filled with shenanigans and surprise. I just love it.

Henry on a tractor for the first time. His Daddy is so careful with him and makes sure he is not outside around chemicals if they have been sprayed that day. He is very careful about coming in the house after working around chemicals. I love that Randall is so attentive. He is a good Daddy.

Our little slugger is growing like a little weed. It makes me sad sometimes to see him grow so fast, yet it makes me so happy to see him develop so well. God has blessed us with such a sweet boy.


The Lapinski Family said...

I had the hardest time deciding which picture of Henry that I loved the most! He is absolutely so adorable and I understand completely why you are so smitten with him ... (If you twisted my arm and made me choose my most favorite pic ... well, I think that I would choose the first one of him in his high chair -- the expression on his face is priceless)!


Kelley said...

I love these pictures! Henry is the cutest thing! I love the one with Henry wearing the hat.