Thursday, May 13, 2010

Dionne Warwick Ain't Got Nothing On My Friends

Friends come in all shapes, sizes, ages and places. I have been reflecting on some of my friendships lately and just smile at the melting pot of friends I have. God is good to allow our hearts to open up and accept friendships with a wide variety of people ( Well, I guess some people don't open up...but I am not friends with those people. ha). I love connection, laughter, familiarity and sincerity. I always remember hearing that you will only have 1 to 3 really good friends in life. I agree with that, yet I think you can have a wealth of friends all over the place who enrich your life in all sorts of ways. I am feeling warm today from my friendships. I cannot imagine my days without each one. They all play a perfect part in my life. Thank you if you are my real life friend. I am so glad you put up with me!

I am so excited about seeing my friend Paige this weekend! I have posted about her before. (You need to read that post. That was back when I had time to do deep thinking and post really lengthy stuff) I have not seen her in almost 4 years. What a shame. She has moved back to God's Country with her husband and baby girl. Tomorrow night she and her daughter are coming to town to spend the night with us. I normally fall asleep extra early on Friday nights from the hustle and bustle of the week, but tomorrow night I am going to drink extra caffeine because we have tons to chat and laugh about. I love laughing with Paige. I have missed her beautiful face!


Cari said...

Paige is a wonderful girl! We went to high school together and played basketball together. She was like an "older sis" to me and I have alwasy admired her. Small world! I guess that is Arkansas for ya, everyone knows everybody!!

Have a fun weekend with her and her daughter!!!