Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Just A Swingin

Henry in his swing

Our sweet friend, Melissa (J'town Melissa....for those who get confused on which one) gave us Avery & Will's old swing. They have outgrown it and it is just right for Henry. We have the perfect trees for a tree swing but decided to keep his swing in Randall's shop since he is so little. We can turn the fans on and keep him cool and away from the mosquitoes that plaque our yard. Here is a short video of him in his swing for the first time. The swing is very high because we have it hanging from the ceiling....I think they may have had it on a swing set base or something of that sort. We laughed at how high it was and how short we are. Melissa and Richard are both about 2 feet taller than us, it is quite comical when we get together for a photo! We love them and that they gave us their swing. Funtimes for Henry!



Kelley said...

That is so cute seeing Henry swing for the 1st time.

The Family Marsico said...

Yeah, well, Richard is about 2 feet taller than most people.

That little Henry is such a cutie. We like looking in to see if he's smiling away in his class at school.