Thursday, December 31, 2009

Ode to 2009

My sweet sister did this on her personal blog and I thought I would do it also.

What did you do in 2009 that you had never done before? I became a mother.

Did you keep your new years resolutions and will you make any this year? I kept a couple of them and I will make more this year, per usual, and end up breaking most of them by Jan 15th!

Did anyone close to you give birth? Can I claim myself? If not, then no. I have a few sweet friends having babies in early 2010 though and I can't wait.

Did anyone close to you die? Thankfully, no.

What places have you visited? We visited Washington DC for the first time and loved our time there. We have traveled to some neat places but this was our favorite trip by far.

What would you like to have in 2010 that you lacked in 2009? Calm. Weird, I know. With a newborn in my house you are thinking, "she's crazy!" but seriously, I am looking forward to some calm in this house this year. No new jobs, baby rooms being planned and decorated, 9 months of a baby growing inside of me along with the aches and pains that come with it, and no brand new baby in this house making us a a tired and nervous mess. I look forward to 2010 being a year of firsts, a year of a new focus and priorities, lots of smiles and relaxation at home.... that is the "calm" I crave.

What date from 2009 will remain etched in your memory? December 2, 2009! The day my son was born. The day I became a mother. The day Randall became a Daddy. The day we became a family. A special day, indeed.

What was your biggest achievement this year? Getting through 38.5 weeks of pregnancy! Seriously, having a beautiful, healthy baby was the biggest achievement this year. I have to thank the Lord for that though and not myself.

Did you have any illnesses this year? Is pregnancy an illness? hee hee

What was the best thing you bought? The fabric for Henry's room. It has brought me so much joy this year. I know that sounds crazy but buying that fabric has made his room into something so special for us and has made our house a real, true home.

Where did most of your money go? Henry! He was not even here until the 12th month of the year. Most of our money went toward getting ready for him. I can only imagine that most of our money will go toward him from now on. I am cool with that though...he is worth it.

What song will remind you of 2009? Sweet Child O Mine. We had it on the computer at the house being funny and that is when I felt our baby boy move for the first time. Randall then bought the CD for me that next week. I would play it in the car and smile thinking about my sweet child to be.

What do you wish you would have done more of? Sharing Christ's love with those around I see on a daily basis who need Him so badly.

What do you wish you would have done less of? Worrying....but I always do more of that than I want each year. 2010 will probably be no different, especially with a baby who has no one to keep him when I go back to work in Feb. See...I am already worrying into 2010 and it is still 2009!

What was your favorite tv program? Grey's Anatomy. It is the only show I watch religiously. I am not a huge TV watcher.

What was the best book you read this year? Baby Whisperer. I read many baby books but this one had such helpful info in it. I need to read it again now that he is here.

What was your favorite film of the year? I did not go to the movies but once this year and it was not a great film so I have to pass on this one.

What did you do on your birthday and how old were you? I traveled back from the Fort with Randall on my birthday after a weekend there for a baby shower and a surprise party for my mom. It was a great 31st birthday.

What political issues stirred you the most? health care reform. I work in health care and was surrounded by the stress of it everyday.

Who was the best new person you met? I met several sweet people this year through my work and my volunteer work. I would hate to single anyone person out for fear I would offend those not listed. I am blessed to be surrounded by a great group of really nice people.


A Blind Date & Leaving Comments

8 years ago today I met this sweet man in the picture above. We met on a blind date in the Bluff City (aka- Memfrica). He and I were simply going out to shut up his stepmother and my sister, who had decided that we were meant to be together from one simple fridge photo and a dog named Abby. Little did we know they would be able to pat themselves on the back for the rest of their lives . I am so glad we both agreed to go out for that one date on New Years Eve 2001 because I have had him in my life everyday since that crazy night at my cousin Hollye's back door when he arrived to pick me up to find a baby on my hip that he thought was mine. I remember those beautiful blue eyes and how they about popped out of his head as he stood at the door wondering why no one had mentioned my child.

That baby on my hip was Claire. She was 1 then and had just gone number 2 in her diaper right before he rang the bell. She had Styrofoam all over her and me from playing in Christmas boxes. Needless to say, we were quite the smell and the sight. Her parents left me to babysit her while they went to an early dinner and they returned later than expected. So, it is a wonder he did not run away and wonder what he had gotten himself into. Anyway, I am so glad he stayed and I know Claire is too. She has always had a crush on him.

Randall says he stayed because when he saw me at the door he thought I was as cute as ever and wanted to try and figure me out...and I think he is still trying! We married 13 months after we met at that back door on New Years Eve and for that I am most thankful. He makes me a very happy girl.


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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A Few Christmas Favorites

Of course, Jesus is my most favorite thing about Christmas. Without Him we would have no Christmas and in turn, no joy. I am thankful that the following things bring me joy because of His gift to us.
I jump for joy over Christmas cards. If you receive my card, you know this about me! I send out about 115 photo cards with a letter each year. I in turn love receiving them from my friends and family. I have them on my memo board in my kitchen this year and love it. I think this will be my new display place for them.

The tree. I adore the tree and ornaments that go on the tree. All mine tell a story and I love that. I have worked hard to make it tell a beautiful story. We buy ornaments on all our trips, big events, milestones and we buy one for each other every Christmas. This year Henry had 7 ornaments on our tree and we had 3 new family ornaments on our tree. I love how our story is growing. I in turn buy ornaments for all the kids in our family and my BFF's kids. I want them to have a tree that tells a story about Abby Jo loving them to pieces!

The chocolate advent calendar is a must for December. I can only remember one Christmas without one and it was sad. They can be really hard to find. One year the only one Mama could find had tinker toys in it. She was on Santa's bad list, for sure! Julie and I hated that year. Each year one of us buys them up after Christmas and stocks them in our freezer until it is time and then we give them out. This year Mama, Julie and I failed to buy any for our freezer. We were in a panic trying to find them and Mama found them at Walgreens on Dec 1st. She delivered mine to me at the hospital on Dec 2nd and Julie's kids got to open theirs on Dec 3rd. We heart this tradition, as you can see. (By the way...who is buying them and freezing them this year?)

Homemade goodies make me smile. I love making them, gifting them and eating them. Randall and I started making candy the year we got married. We look forward to it every year. We sing songs, laugh and make a huge mess. Having Henry in the kitchen with us from now on is going to make it so much more fun. (yes, this picture is sideways, but again...I am on low sleep and in a hurry. I am the mother of a fussy but cute infant.)

Cooking with loved ones in the kitchen at Christmas is so fun. Our traditions are centered around food, so the kitchen is a hot spot at Christmas in our family. This year we all made the same food even though we were all in our own places. I love that we all love tradition and want to keep it alive for the next generation.

Stockings are a must at Christmas. I have posted about our stocking tradition before when I posted the stocking my Mama made for Henry. My Granny made mine when I was a baby. She made one for everyone new in the family until she passed away. In keeping with tradition, I made Randall's and my Mama is now making all the stockings for the babies born in our family. Granny beams from heaven when we hang them up each year.

"Christmas Eve Gift" is an odd tradition on my mother's side of the family. We all celebrate it by greeting each other on the 24th with " Christmas Eve Gift" instead of "Hello". We then give each other a small gift at that time. This picture shows the Christmas Eve Gifts I received this year. The plaque is from Henry (aka- Randall) and the rest is from my Mama.

As a child we always gave Santa my Granny's homemade goodies. He loved us for it. I know Santa will love us putting our own homemade goodies on his plate as we start this tradition over in our home with Henry. Granny would be so proud.

Watching the wonder as my baby sees Christmas for the first time will always be one of my most favorite things that I will cherish. Having a child at Christmas will now become one of my most favorite things.

What are some of your favorite things about Christmas?


Christmas in Twinkle Town!

Imagine in your minds.

Christmas morning, kids standing in the hall waiting to see what Santa brought, parents getting the video camera and digital camera set to catch all the expressions on the kids faces.

Kids let loose in the living room, scoping out all that Santa brought and trying to figure out which gift was for them (Santa doesn't wrap his gifts.) Looking in their stockings and announcing everything that's in them. All 4 kids announcing EVERYthing in their stockings at the same time. The noise!

Then a break to eat sausage balls and to put the turkey in the oven.

Back to the action. Two black trash bags ready to be filled with wrapping paper and bows(Abby wasn't there so we didn't have to save bows) kids sitting so close to each other that when they unwrap a gift they elbow a sibling. Announcements of what each child unwrapped. The same amount of excitement when underwear is revealed as when a Nintendo DS is opened. These kids, they like it all!

Then, the adults open gifts. Nana squeals with delight at the pearl earrings Papa gave her and at the new stone he gave her for her ring(that I secretly, well not secretly anymore, covet). Stephen is in awe that he finally received a tie case (like luggage for ties), and me. Well, tears. Tears when I opened a big box stuffed full with Stephen's coat and a smaller box. A box from Amazon. A box that held my Kindle. Tears.

It was a joyous Christmas morning.

Tomorrow I'll tell you about the day after Christmas! Fun times!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas Faces - Part 1

Marmie was with us the week of Christmas. She was our only overnight house guest this year and she was a special one, for sure. Henry got lots of Marmie time. I hope the Fab Four don't hate Henry already! ha.

We loved meeting Henry's 2nd cousin, Caden. He came a few days after Christmas. He is the son of Randall's cousin, Micah and his wife, Tabby. We are hoping our boys will grow to be good buddies. Caden is 53 weeks older than Henry.

Randall's Aunt Diana "Sissy" loves a baby and this means our little Henry is on her list! She is Caden's "Grams" and she came with Uncle Rick to see Henry. She had not seen him since the hospital. We were so glad to see her again.

We saw lots of these sweet people, his Nana and Papa. Only being an hour away, Molly can come keep him for me while Papa goes tool shopping, etc. Papa loves a bargain and Nana loves a baby...score for them! We took Henry to their house the Sunday before Christmas to see Nana's white and blue tree and to eat lunch.

Henry met this sweet man the morning after he was born when he came to the hospital. This is Randall's grandad, Pat. This is where Henry's middle name comes from - Patton. We took Henry to see him the Sunday before Christmas. I think they will be good buddies. Randall's Aunt Dee Dee and Uncle Tim may come see him soon (Dee is Pat's daughter) and we look forward to Henry meeting them. His Uncle Tim is one of the funniest people we know. I need a good laugh.

This week we still have lots of Christmas to do and many other faces to see (that will be post "Part 2" this weekend). Grandaddy, Aunt Connie, Juju, Fab Four, Uncle Stephen, Aunt Babs, Hollye, Claire, Thew, Uncle Joe and Ashley are all going to see this baby boy on Friday when we trek over to north Mississippi. He is anxious to meet the Fab Four. I cannot wait to get a picture of the 5 of them together and one with Claire in the mix. My heart may explode.

In January, we will do a "part 3 trip to the Fort" post. I cannot wait for Henry to meet his "people" on the west side of the state. In early Spring he will meet my Mawmaw and UD when we take him to Texas. My heart goes crazy thinking about him meeting them...come on Spring!


Monday, December 28, 2009

A Little Bit of Christmas

Because there is so much to share about our Christmas this year, I will post several things this week with photos and such so you can enjoy! Hopefully our Aunt Juju will also post about her first Christmas at home also. I know she had a blast with the kids.
Instead of going to the Fort this year, we stayed at home and the Fort came to us...aka, the Marmie. It was different but magical with our baby boy. We missed all of our usual Fort Christmas company and especially our Juju and our Fab Four.

My heart was exploding with gratitude for the best gift ever...Henry Patton!

Daddy seemed pretty thankful too...he is in-love with this boy. It is so heartwarming, really.

Yes, we had on matching pjs. We are dorks who love to start traditions. I love our faces in this picture. Randall is like," Are you for real, we are dressed alike?". Henry is looking like, "Oh dear, these are my!". And I am all a glow in the magic of the moment. So fun!

This is Henry's loot on Christmas morning. Santa, his Mama, Daddy, Marmie, Nana and Papa spent all day spoiling him rotten. He actually stayed awake until the last gift was opened. I was so tickled to see his eyes and to know he really did see Christmas for the first time.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Cute Christmas Baby

I thought you might enjoy a look at Henry in all his Christmas gear.
Christmas morning was most fun with this little Santa baby. He received the cute wrist rattles and booties in his stocking from Santa. The outfit came from one of my neighbors. She delivered it to my door at 8:30 pm on Christmas Eve. We got a chuckle out of the situation and melted when we saw what she brought. So glad she go it over to us before Christmas!

This is the adorable first Christmas outfit and stocking cap Lindsey photographed him in a few weeks ago when she did his infant pictures. Melissa gave us this outfit. Her sweet Mama bought it for Drew but he was born after Christmas. She kept it hoping one of her babies would be able to wear it but no such luck. Henry was the lucky one!

This is Henry with this Daddy on Christmas Eve. Henry received this cute 1st Christmas sleep sack from his Juju. I love the sacks. It makes diaper changing so much easier in the middle of the night.

Henry in his "I love Santa" outfit. Our dear friend Amy gave him this cute outfit. He was worn the pants with some of his other Christmas shirts. He wore this on Christmas Eve and we thought he looked super cute in it, of course!

Henry sporting a first Christmas shirt an old school friend and now a coworker of his Marmie's gave us. He looked rather comfy and laid back in this shirt for sure!

I must say, I heart this picture! He was napping on Christmas Eve Eve and looked so peaceful in his bed. The shirt was given to us by his Juju and the pants came from Melissa. They were Drew and Grant's pants. We loved this little outfit on him and he was very comfy in it. It makes me laugh to see how he was grown into this shirt over the past 3 weeks...he is one growing boy!

These first Christmas pajamas were given to us by Juju. So babyish and cute. He never really grew into them but he wore them and enjoyed how soft they felt on his skin. He was swinging by the Christmas tree on Christmas Eve morning in this picture.

Henry's cute first Christmas bib that I bought for him at Kohl's. He put it to good use for sure, for sure.

Henry in one of his first Christmas t-shirts. His Juju gave him this one also. She helped dress him throughout this Christmas season, as you can see. He wore this on a day trip to visit grandparents the Sunday before Christmas. My Mawmaw's housekeeper made the cute shoes he has on. He was so dapper but he was not happy, as you can tell.

(Ok, this is sideways and I am it is what it is)
This was the only photo of the reindeer hat. Henry was 1 week old in this picture and we took him to see Christmas lights. He never wore the hat again because it was too small after this. He is one growing still our hearts!

Now, we must get to wearing all our super cute regular clothes before we outgrow any of them. It is hard work being Henry, I tell ya!

And yes, my baby boy has case you were wondering.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmastime is Here

Merry Christmas Eve Eve to you!

We are gearing up for a most fun and meaningful Christmas Eve and Christmas Day here at our house with our new little love. He is growing so fast. In just a week he has gone from his Christmas clothes being too big to fitting him well. Be still my heart!

I hope none of you miss Christmas this year. It is my goal to experience it fully. I sometimes miss it in the hustle and bustle of the activities and refuse to miss it this year as we celebrate it for the first time with our sweet little blessing. I am reminded how Mary must have felt her first Christmas with Jesus. I hope to get just a little taste or a small glimpse of it this year.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Happy Birthday Hollye!

Happy Birthday to you!

Hollye is our only cousin on our Dad's side of the family. It really wouldn't matter if there were 15 cousins on that side of the family we would love her the best, she would be our favorite.

Hollye has such a sweet spirit about her. You can tell when you are around her that she loves the Lord and His people. She is a nurse, a wife and a mother. A friend, a cousin and a daughter. She has enriched our lives and made us better people.

We love you Hollye!!!
appy Birthday!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Bath Time

Henry Patton had his first bath Wednesday night...his 2 week birthday. His cord and circumcision ring both fell off on this great day.

He was so cute, clean and ready to go night-night.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Henry Has Been "Christmasing"

Henry has been busy wrapping presents with Mama.

Then he was hard at work making Christmas candy with Mama and Daddy.
It is a family tradition of ours and we were so glad to make him part of it this year.
He makes all the sweet treats even sweeter!

Henry and Daddy were pooped after a busy night "Christmasing" with Mama and they settled in for a long winters nap in Daddy's recliner.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

A ticket for Christmas?

Today was to be a normal Wednesday.

School in the morning, clean house in the afternoon, church in the evening.

Not today.

A friend came by this morning to deliver some much needed love and support. Because of that school was not what it was supposed to be, but just school none the less.

The kids then had hair appointments. All three of the boys decided to get their hair cut like Stephens. Which is much shorter than what they normally wear, but much easier to fix. I'm super excited about their choice! Anna also got her hair trimmed. She really wants long hair, but because she is mine she cannot wear long hair and still look beautiful, so we cut it a bit.

Then, I was on my way to mail a card at the post office. I had pulled over in some parking spaces and was addressing the card and the kids said "the police are behind you!" And sure enough my friend (literally, thank heavens!) the police man was behind me with lights flashing. I opened my door, stuck my head out and looked at him as he was radioing my license plate in. He says I ran a stop sign. I don't know if I did or not, I know I slowed down, but the more I think about it I probably did run it. He stopped me not knowing it was me. We had a good laugh about it, and I learned my lesson-Stop at Stop Signs!!!

My heart skipped a beat when I saw those lights flashing. I just hate getting in trouble. Don't you?


Monday, December 14, 2009

Baby Ramblings

Tummy time on the Boppy
I love that little mouth

Henry stayed with his Daddy for a bit today while I went for a follow up appt at the doctor and to do some shopping. Henry had to sit through a conference call with his Daddy and decided to poo poo his diaper while Daddy was on the call. I would have loved to been a fly on the wall to see how Randall changed it and stayed on the phone without interruption. Henry hates to have a dirty diaper and also hates to have it changed...and usually screams the best he can through the whole event. Randall is a good daddy, so I am sure he did fine.

Anyway, It was the first time in 23 days that I had driven or been inside anywhere besides my own home, Randall's truck, the doctor's office or the hospital. Much needed time out today, but I must say this little mama is tired from the outing. I am still recouping from birthing this sweet thing you see posted above this text. The doctor weighed me today and I have already lost 25 pounds. I have about 25 more to loose for my own sake though. My blood pressure is still acting silly so we are watching it and I am a bit anemic from the blood loss at the hospital. Henry's mama is coming is just slow going. The nurses all crowded around my digital camera today to look at pictures of him since I refused to bring him out in public this early. They made me promise to bring him in at my next appt in early Jan...I agreed.

This week Daddy has to work more than he did last week. He has fired some people and is hiring some new people. It is quite tedious for him but we are glad he works from home and can be in the house working instead off somewhere else. Nana and her sister are coming tomorrow to see him for a few hours while I go back out to finish my Christmas errands. We hope to meet his 4 sweet cousins next week and see Juju again. Marmie is coming for Christmas week and called a bit earlier to say she bought a nice red fleece robe to match Henry's Christmas pajamas. We got a beautiful, massive white poinsettia with baby blue accents from our Byhalia neighbors today. I sure miss them. Would you know none of our neighbors here in J'Town have been over since Henry arrived. I sent Randall over to their mailboxes with homemade bread, our annual card/letter and coffee the day before I had Henry. Funny how that works. Makes us laugh more than anything. Well, my good buddy Melissa is bringing us dinner in a bit, I best go get Henry ready for all her kisses!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Sneak Peak

Go here so see a sneak peak of Lindsey's photo session with Henry Patton. Precious!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Photo Session with Lindsey

Our dear dear friend Lindsey came to our house today to take Henry's first photos. He did very well. We think he may be a his Mama!

We put him in this generic stocking because we were afraid he would not fit in his handmade stocking. Lindsey took some great pics of it with the fireplace roaring in the background.

Melt. My. Heart.
Lindsey also got some sweet ones of this shot. I took all these with my camera after she finished her shots. We are so excited about celebrating Christmas with this special little gift and are so thankful Lindsey could come see us and take great pictures of our baby boy.


Warts? In my house?

I'm pretty sure I've told you of the healing powers of Siloam Springs Camp. But let me tell you again in case you missed it.

Many years ago, when Stephen and I were dating. We were counselors at our youth church camp. Abby was a high school student, it was a fun week with many memories. One memory is about warts the other memory is that Stephen wouldn't hold my hand or kiss me the whole entire week because Siloam has a no PDA rule. And he has always loved a rule.

The wart memory is the best one though.
Abby had these warts on her hands. I don't know how long they had been there or why. They weren't large or ugly or anything. Just a problem for her. I mean, who wants warts on your hand.
Well, one morning we woke up and she said "Julie, my warts are gone!" I thought that was an outlandish statement. How does that happen! We looked on the floor, on the sheets, we shook out her blanket, we did everything looking for them. We never found them. They were gone. Forever.

We always gave credit to the healing springs of Siloam Springs Baptist Assembly! I guess we should have given the credit to God. He, being the One that heals and all. But look, I was just a camp counselor, not the holy, righteous pastors wife that I am today.

Did you just spew coke out your nose at that statement? You should have!

Well apparently, Abby has given her wart susceptibility to one of my children. David has a wart, large and ugly, on the bottom of his foot. We have an appointment with the podiatrist Monday afternoon to get it frozen off. NASTY!!!

We haven't ever had warts in this house. Hopefully this will be the last one, or I may have to buy a cabin at Siloam to take my children at the first sight of a wart.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Online Nursery

Click here to see Henry's hospital photos. You will need to put in December 2nd as his birth date to view. He is pretty cute in these photos...if I must say so myself!


Thursday, December 10, 2009

Christmas Cutie

Look at my Christmas baby! He has on his "Silent Night, Yeah Right" t-shirt, Christmas striped pants, red leather shoes and his reindeer hat. His Daddy laughed at his grumpy face and said if he had to wear that, he would be grumpy too. I think he looks most precious.
We made our first Christmas memory as a family tonight. We went to the Delta Festival of Lights. We plan to make it a tradition each year. We listened to Christmas music all the way there and all the way home. Henry of course slept through the whole thing, but we had fun. Daddy bought us an ornament that they were selling so we would have our first Christmas outing as a memory on our tree.

Here is my Christmas munchkin in his car seat ready to go. He had a big day with his circumcision and a family Christmas outing. I hope he rests well tonight.

Now, Aunt Juju, please post something on here so it is not all me!

Our Little Slugger

Last night was our first night in our home as a little family unit. We survived. Mama is a bit tired, but will survive. Henry is happy, so that is all that matters. He is playing with his Daddy in the den right now. He is trying to get him to watch Clifford the Big Red Dog on the TV but Henry keeps staring at the wall. instead. It is quite entertaining to watch his Daddy deal with him. I love it.

Sunday we had a group of special visitors. Our Memphis family ( I do not use "memfricia" in this post because my Aunt Babs does hate for me do it in a big way) came to see Henry. This is his Aunt Connie holding him for the first time. Connie is my Dad's wife and she sure is crazy about our baby boy. He was still on the light on Sunday when they came to visit.

Aunt Babs, Claire, Hollye and Connie loved on Henry while Grandaddy, Thew, Uncle Joe and Daddy discussed the ways of the world. It was so fun to have all of them meet Henry. He is one loved little boy, for sure.

Here is a picture of our sweet Henry boy from last night. He was so comfy in his fleece baseball pjs his Juju gave him. He loves his Boppy pillow and his Daddy loves to prop him up in it and play with him. Henry was 1 week old yesterday at 4:25 pm. His Daddy and I sang happy birthday to him and cheered for him. Henry is going to have so much fun growing up in this house...I hope! Today we take him for his circumcision. Pray for us!!