Thursday, December 10, 2009

Our Little Slugger

Last night was our first night in our home as a little family unit. We survived. Mama is a bit tired, but will survive. Henry is happy, so that is all that matters. He is playing with his Daddy in the den right now. He is trying to get him to watch Clifford the Big Red Dog on the TV but Henry keeps staring at the wall. instead. It is quite entertaining to watch his Daddy deal with him. I love it.

Sunday we had a group of special visitors. Our Memphis family ( I do not use "memfricia" in this post because my Aunt Babs does hate for me do it in a big way) came to see Henry. This is his Aunt Connie holding him for the first time. Connie is my Dad's wife and she sure is crazy about our baby boy. He was still on the light on Sunday when they came to visit.

Aunt Babs, Claire, Hollye and Connie loved on Henry while Grandaddy, Thew, Uncle Joe and Daddy discussed the ways of the world. It was so fun to have all of them meet Henry. He is one loved little boy, for sure.

Here is a picture of our sweet Henry boy from last night. He was so comfy in his fleece baseball pjs his Juju gave him. He loves his Boppy pillow and his Daddy loves to prop him up in it and play with him. Henry was 1 week old yesterday at 4:25 pm. His Daddy and I sang happy birthday to him and cheered for him. Henry is going to have so much fun growing up in this house...I hope! Today we take him for his circumcision. Pray for us!!


Kelley said...

I will be thinking about you guys today and praying all goes well.