Sunday, December 27, 2009

Cute Christmas Baby

I thought you might enjoy a look at Henry in all his Christmas gear.
Christmas morning was most fun with this little Santa baby. He received the cute wrist rattles and booties in his stocking from Santa. The outfit came from one of my neighbors. She delivered it to my door at 8:30 pm on Christmas Eve. We got a chuckle out of the situation and melted when we saw what she brought. So glad she go it over to us before Christmas!

This is the adorable first Christmas outfit and stocking cap Lindsey photographed him in a few weeks ago when she did his infant pictures. Melissa gave us this outfit. Her sweet Mama bought it for Drew but he was born after Christmas. She kept it hoping one of her babies would be able to wear it but no such luck. Henry was the lucky one!

This is Henry with this Daddy on Christmas Eve. Henry received this cute 1st Christmas sleep sack from his Juju. I love the sacks. It makes diaper changing so much easier in the middle of the night.

Henry in his "I love Santa" outfit. Our dear friend Amy gave him this cute outfit. He was worn the pants with some of his other Christmas shirts. He wore this on Christmas Eve and we thought he looked super cute in it, of course!

Henry sporting a first Christmas shirt an old school friend and now a coworker of his Marmie's gave us. He looked rather comfy and laid back in this shirt for sure!

I must say, I heart this picture! He was napping on Christmas Eve Eve and looked so peaceful in his bed. The shirt was given to us by his Juju and the pants came from Melissa. They were Drew and Grant's pants. We loved this little outfit on him and he was very comfy in it. It makes me laugh to see how he was grown into this shirt over the past 3 weeks...he is one growing boy!

These first Christmas pajamas were given to us by Juju. So babyish and cute. He never really grew into them but he wore them and enjoyed how soft they felt on his skin. He was swinging by the Christmas tree on Christmas Eve morning in this picture.

Henry's cute first Christmas bib that I bought for him at Kohl's. He put it to good use for sure, for sure.

Henry in one of his first Christmas t-shirts. His Juju gave him this one also. She helped dress him throughout this Christmas season, as you can see. He wore this on a day trip to visit grandparents the Sunday before Christmas. My Mawmaw's housekeeper made the cute shoes he has on. He was so dapper but he was not happy, as you can tell.

(Ok, this is sideways and I am it is what it is)
This was the only photo of the reindeer hat. Henry was 1 week old in this picture and we took him to see Christmas lights. He never wore the hat again because it was too small after this. He is one growing still our hearts!

Now, we must get to wearing all our super cute regular clothes before we outgrow any of them. It is hard work being Henry, I tell ya!

And yes, my baby boy has case you were wondering.


Kelley said...

Abby, what a little darling you have. I love all of Henry's Christmas outfits. It is amazing how fast they grow into and out of things. I love the picture of him where he is asleep and it looks like he has crossed his legs. His facial expressions are precious.

Jodi said...

He is such a cutie! Loved all the pics! I loved those sacks too when mine were babies..looks like you all had a very Merry Christmas!

Jennifer said...

So cute!!