Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas in Twinkle Town!

Imagine in your minds.

Christmas morning, kids standing in the hall waiting to see what Santa brought, parents getting the video camera and digital camera set to catch all the expressions on the kids faces.

Kids let loose in the living room, scoping out all that Santa brought and trying to figure out which gift was for them (Santa doesn't wrap his gifts.) Looking in their stockings and announcing everything that's in them. All 4 kids announcing EVERYthing in their stockings at the same time. The noise!

Then a break to eat sausage balls and to put the turkey in the oven.

Back to the action. Two black trash bags ready to be filled with wrapping paper and bows(Abby wasn't there so we didn't have to save bows) kids sitting so close to each other that when they unwrap a gift they elbow a sibling. Announcements of what each child unwrapped. The same amount of excitement when underwear is revealed as when a Nintendo DS is opened. These kids, they like it all!

Then, the adults open gifts. Nana squeals with delight at the pearl earrings Papa gave her and at the new stone he gave her for her ring(that I secretly, well not secretly anymore, covet). Stephen is in awe that he finally received a tie case (like luggage for ties), and me. Well, tears. Tears when I opened a big box stuffed full with Stephen's coat and a smaller box. A box from Amazon. A box that held my Kindle. Tears.

It was a joyous Christmas morning.

Tomorrow I'll tell you about the day after Christmas! Fun times!


Sisters said...

How dare you not save the bows for me!!! Sister, how dare you. I missed hearing that noise this year. I always hear "SUCKER, SUCKER, SUCKER" in my head when I think of the stocking announcements. He looked so cute in his gingerbread outfit that year!

Kelley said...

That sounds precious! I would love to have a Kindle. I bet you were super excited.