Saturday, November 28, 2009

Thanksgiving in East Texas

A few snapshots of Thanksgiving 2009 in East Texas
Julie and Stephen

Aunt Donna, Mother, Aunt Janet

Mawmaw & UD
The TDay Hosts

Anna Kathyrn

Samuel, David, Daniel

Abby, Tara and Sarah made over!!
Julie's, Timmy's and Sarah's little girls. Same age difference as Abby, Tara and Sarah and they look just like them. Hilarious.

Adventures in Babysitting

Update: My MIL is now out of the hospital and at home resting.

Please pray for my mother-in-law, Molly. She is Henry's Nana, the one who made the bedding. She called us this morning to tell us that she has been in the hospital since Thanksgiving morning due to a bleeding colon, which she has never had an issue with until now. We had no idea about it. I think she was keeping it from us, hoping she would get out and not have to worry us with it. She was coming to "babysit" me on Monday while the baby daddy holds interviews all day in Memfrica. Randall said when she called all she could do was apologize for not being able to get here to help. We assured her we would get someone else and to get well! She also told us to not have Henry until she got out of the hospital! Poor thing. I just hate this for her and want to know what is causing all this pain and bleeding so she can get well and love on our baby boy.

We ended up asking my sweet Daddy to "babysit" me on Monday since I cannot stay alone this late in the game and especially with my sciatic nerve pain locking me up all the time. I hated to have to ask him being that he lives in a different state, but he loves closer than Mama or Julie and it seemed like the only option for us. I cried when he told me very quickly that he would be honored to "babysit" me. I think the tears were just from me being in awe that we had to actually call him for help and could not find anyone closer by to put aside time to help us in this rare time of need.

Now, let's pray I do not go into labor under his watch...if you know my Daddy, you are picturing this scene and it is making you pray hard for Henry to stay put! Can you imagine? I am laughing outloud!! I do love that man.


Friday, November 27, 2009

Stumbled Upon This

Can you tell I am stuck at home and getting ready for motherhood?!
You will need to turn the playlist/music off at the bottom of the page to hear the video.

Black Friday Madness

I miss the thrill of the deal, the rush to get to the stores, the occasional push in the rear from some rude non English speaking woman at Walmart with her shopping cart because she is trying to beat me to the toy section, and the long lines snaked around Kohl's that make my arms go numb because I failed to get that little cart, all before the light of day as I sit in my "lounge chair" (as the nurse refers to it at the hospital) on this Black Friday suffering from...
sciatic nerve pain that is about to eat my lunch! Miserable doesn't describe it. My poor husband deserves a medal. I am not only confined to the house, but he is too because I cannot be left alone. I cannot take a shower alone, get to the bed alone, and often get stuck in mid step on the way back from the bathroom. Glorious times. Thank goodness for a computer chair with wheels. It has become a makeshift wheelchair when on the tile and laminate floors. It is times like these I wished we lived closer to family so Randall could catch a break. He deserves one. He does not complain but I know he wants to hunt, shop and ride his 4-wheeler this weekend. I hope we still like each other next week when Henry arrives. Pray for us! I do love this man. I cannot imagine this journey without him. He is truly the most attentive man I know. Monday my MIL is coming to sit with me all day. That will be good for all of us. I am thankful she is only 1 hour away. Mercy....Henry better get here soon and be a good boy! ha. This bedrest is not the best medicine for my hyperactive, Type A self. Whew.

Black Friday is special to me though. It has been a great bonding time for me and the women in my family over the years. I started shopping on this day with my Meemaw, Aunt Babs and Cousin Hollye in Memphis many years ago. I learned about the thrill of the deal from my precious Meemaw. That woman could shop! I then starting going with my sister for many years. The years I have been with Julie have been the years that make me laugh. She and I are made out of the same shopping mold and we often get ourselves into a bit of trouble with the crowds. Randall has been with me 2 times for 5 am deals on Craftsman tools. Those were not my best times...he does not enjoy the thrill of the deal, even though he is the most frugal man we all know. I have also been with Randall's aunt and her family these past couple of years. They are a lot of fun to shop with and I miss being in Jonesboro shopping with them today. I am in Jonesboro, but in my "lounge chair" in a nightgown. You may wonder why I do not mention my Mother as one I have shopped with? Well, I have been to a few places with her on Black Friday and she is a lot like Randall...she does not enjoy the thrill of the deal. We leave her be on this day.

All of my shopping is done and wrapped this year, so there is nothing out there I just have to is just knowing I am missing the thrill of it all. I hope you got some good deals today. Comment and tell me what you scored big on this year.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

A Very Pregnant Thanksgiving

I look forward to starting my Thanksgiving watching the parade in my den....and watching Ace as he flies through. It is truly one of my most favorite things and evokes excitement in me each year. Randall has bought a coffee cake and pulled sausage balls out of the freezer for breakfast. It should be a great and comfy time as we sit here in our PJ's for hours enjoying the parade.

I will then enjoy Thanksgiving lunch made by my mother-in-law and delivered to me this past Sunday. She brought us ham, dressing, green bean casserole, cranberry sauce, corn and a pie (which Rand has already eaten). I will take out one of my homemade pies in the freezer and we will enjoy that pie instead. The bedrest and sciatic nerve pain is about to do me in. We were planning on heading to Randall's aunt's house for lunch tomorrow (1 hour away) but Randall thinks that the mass of people and car ride will shut me down for a few days. I love the people and the car ride but at this point it is not the best medicine, I am afraid. I am ready for my little guy to come out! Next week I get to meet to be determined on Tuesday afternoon. Yay!

I will spend all of Thanksgiving alone with the most attentive man I know, my Randall. We have never been away from family on Thanksgiving but we know staying home is best for us this year. Randall deserves a trophy this year for being so loving and attentive. My heart is exploding with love for this man and I can't wait to have him love our week!

Ok, I just want to pout at the thought of all of my maternal side of the family being together at my Mawmaw and UD's for the next few days. Everyone is there but us. 31 people will sit down for a Betty style feast tomorrow in East Texas (Oh, what I would do for a wee little taste of the oyster dressing). I am so happy that my sister, cousins and all their children are together this year because it is very rare for everyone to come on the same year. I love knowing that all those little second cousins are running around the yard giggling together. I know my Mawmaw and UD are smiling from ear to ear at all the laughter and love in their home tonight, as they all arrive. I can't wait to see pictures!

And with that said, I could climb the walls (though the sciatic nerve would stop me in mid-step) and just cry at the thought of my mother and my cousin Sarah eating my Mawmaw's rhubarb pie and me not getting one taste of it. URRGGH!
I hope your Thanksgiving is a blessed one, regardless of where you are or who you are with.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

womb? really?

One of these days you're going to check in on us and it is going to be baby time! But not yet.

Abby went to the doctor Friday and her blood pressure was high so she was put on bedrest for the weekend.

She went back to the doctor yesterday, her blood pressure was fine but she is still on bedrest.

And she doesn't like it one bit.

And Randall isn't very fond of it either! HA!

Keep them in your prayers this week. Pray for patience and good health. And as David prays "that Henry will be safe in Abby's womb."

Why does he even know that word??????


Thursday, November 19, 2009


Enough with all the posts about Abby's preparations for Henry.

Enough with the monthly pictures of her belly, Enough with the pictures of Henry's room. Enough with pictures of all the gifts and showers. Enough.

Lets talk about me and how I'm preparing for Henry.

I have recently had my hair colored and cut for his arrival. I have acquired a new set of hot rollers(because I loved the 80's!!) and am sure to woo this little bundle with my beautiful, straight brown hair. I'm hoping he falls in love with its texture and style. It is so unlike his mothers that I just know he will be aching to feel it and look at it so often that his parents will have to bring him to see me!!

I have also been plucking my eyebrows. Oh, the pain and agony that causes. But for Henry it is worth it. The last time I got them waxed the girl did a great job and they have been pretty easy to keep up with. I really don't want Henry to think I have mustaches or caterpillars above my eyes the first time he sees me.

This one has been the toughest one yet. Clothes! What to wear?! I remember hearing that if you wear red when in front of a group it gives a sense of authority and respect. So, I'm thinking no red! HA! I have a couple of new sweaters that are in the running for this special event.

I have one that is belted that is oh so cute, but I don't know if it is comfy enough to wear for a long day of labor and pain management (Abby's of course, not mine). I have a black one that is super comfy and they say babies can't see colors too good at birth. So, this could be the sweater. He could fall in love with me and have to go home with me if I wear this sweater. OK! I've just made up my mind. It's going to be the black sweater!

The last thing is lip stick. I'm in kinda of a slump in that department. So, today I'm going to go out and buy a new lipstick. One that is sure to bring attention to my face (so that he looks at me!) and one that will not iritate Henry's skin when I kiss his little face over and over and over....

Have I left anything out? Is there something else I need to add to my list of preparations? Help!!!!

Friday, November 13, 2009

9 Months

9 Months
I can't believe this is the last pregnancy shot. It seems like I just started taking them. I am so glad that it is the last one. I can't imagine getting any larger than this! Whew, I am worn out from carrying this baby boy on my little, short frame, yet loving the experience. This month I am so puffy and just plain uncomfortable. I feel like a whale of a girl most of the time, but I hear that is just part of the fun! I love walking into stores and people looking at me like I have a third head because of my bellly and my walk. I am now walking like those poor pregnant women you see and think " why the heck is she out and about"...I now understand and will not be quick to judge. Life goes on....we have to keep plugging along, pregnant walk or not. I am now measuring 2 weeks ahead of schedule, but I hear that can be normal. I am going to the doctor each week now and that makes it so much more fun, I think.
Randall is finishing harvesting today in Alabama & Tennessee and then he will be home. He has been gone a night or two a week lately. I am so glad to have him close to home now because it was beginning to make me a bit nervous, and him too. We have camera cards cleared off, video camera charged, Randall has his "New Dad" hospital shirt clean and ready, and all of Henry's and my hospital things laid out in Henry's room ready to be put in a bag and our hearts are exploding, ready to meet our little Henry Patton! It is like wedding day times 10 in the excitement level, with a tad bit of fear of the unknown of childbirth in the mix. It is like nothing I have ever anticipated and I love it.
I was in Hobby Lobby last night buying a stocking holder for HP and for Mama, since Santa will be visiting her in J'town this year. I walked past the nativity sets and I realized that the manger scene has taken on a whole new meaning this year. I will never know how Mary truly felt because my son is not the Son of God, but I might have a glimpse of what she felt and that is an incredible thing.
My swollen ankles, fingers, face and legs are ready to be back to normal, yet I would not change a thing about the last 9 months. It has been an incredible journey. I laugh at how my pictures have changed from month 3 until now....too fun!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Christmastime is Here

Yes, it is early, but I am in panic mode with the baby coming. I told Mama that one would think I was preparing to die the way I am making final preparations and such. So funny. I love going home to my festive home each night. It helps me to relax and that is much needed in these last days.

This is our den. We did not put the tree in here last year but this year I modified everything because I knew with Henry here it would be a lot different for us.

This is the living room. This is where the tree was last year. Henry's Nana gave us her tree that looks just like the one in our den so I could have two. This year it was too big of an undertaking to put up two full trees. I hope to have that one in front of this window next year. We will cross our fingers with a one year old in the house. Maybe he can go to Nana's that day!

This is the other side of the living room. I have acquired a collection of alpine trees at yard sales and after Christmas sales. I created a little forest here. Randall says the snowflakes are a bit fake looking, but I told him to shut it up and be nice. It took a small forever for me to get down on the floor and back up again...they are staying where they are!

This is our dining room. I always hang ornaments from my light fixture but this year I refrained from standing on top of the table 35 weeks pregnant. I also have a small bush tree in the right hand corner in this room but the picture cut it off.
Henry's Ornaments

This is the rocking horse ornament that Marmie bought for Henry. I have some rotators on my tree and I put this ornament on one of them. It is so cute going around in a circle.

This is the festive, colorful ball ornament that Juju got Henry. I give the Fab Four an ornament each year and she seems to be carrying on the tradition with her nephew too. So cute.

This is the cradle ornament I got Henry. It has his name and birth year on it. It looks much better in person. My camera did not appreciate taking a picture of of it, so it seems.

This is our first family ornament. Randall and I collect ornaments on each of our travels, both together and when we go alone places on business and such. I thought it would be neat to have an ornament for our first Christmas as a family also. I bought it at Hobby Lobby and then took a Sharpie to it. Good ole Sharpie's.
I hope you enjoyed the early glimpse of Christmas at our house!
(the stockings on my mantle are the ones I use for "looks" each year. Mine is the zebra one, of course, and Randall's is the other. Santa does not fill these. The ones I posted about yesterday have always stayed at Mama's house.)

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Stocking of Love

Henry's stocking made by his Marmie

Our family has a stocking tradition. My maternal great-grandmother "Granny" handmade all of our stockings with those felt stocking kits you buy at the craft stores. We all had one - kids, grand kids, great-grand kids, sons-in-law, grandsons-in-law and she even bought a store bought one for Jojo (our family dog). All of our mantles displayed Granny's love each Christmas.
Granny died when I was in the 8th grade. She was the head of our family and everyone of us miss her today just like we did the day she died. She was such a remarkable, loving woman. But all that is for another post....

Since the great-grand kids started having babies, our mother has carried on the tradition of making stockings. Samuel came first and then she had to make two in one year for David & Daniel. Grace came third ( Aunt Janet helped her with this one, of course) and then Anna came fourth. Molly came fifth (Aunt Janet helped her with this one also) and now Henry is the sixth one Mama has made. I know Granny must beam with pride from her seat in heaven when she sees those stockings hanging from the mantle each Christmas.

This year we will all hang our stocking from our own mantles instead of having them all at Mama's. It will be different for all of us. A bit bittersweet. We may be apart but our mantles will all be bonded in love. I have never had Christmas morning without my sister and the thought of it makes me choke a bit, but we will make it through this year and devise a new plan. No fear.
Julie needs to make Mister Brother Stephen a stocking....y'all root her on! I made Randall one 3 years ago and it made me respect Granny and Mama in a whole new way. Whew, what an undertaking! I can't wait to hang our three stockings of love in our den this year....and Mama's too. Santa will visit her at our house this year!

Henry's Room

First of all, how precious are those twin nephews of mine for praying for Henry like they do! My aunt heart swells with pride over those fabulous 4 kiddos. I can't imagine my mama heart if my aunt heart stays this full all the time. Wow!
His Nana did such a wonderful job on his bedding, pillows and curtains. His Daddy did a fine job on the cling above his bed and his Mama and "Aunt Z" (Lindsey) did an artistic job on his canvases.
The toy chest in front of the window is already filling up with fun toys and his drawers are filling up with cute things. The picture frames are waiting on photos of his sweet little face.

This is Henry's closet and book shelf. His Daddy still has doorknobs to put on his doors. We painted the letters on his wall and filled his bookshelf up with all kinds of fun gifts, family heirlooms and his Daddy's miniature tractors.

We are counting down the days until we get to see our little Henry Patton in this precious room of his. I can't wait too see his sweet little face and give it kisses!

Friends and a list

I have soo much to blog about that once again I will give you a list.

*** For many years I prayed for a friend. It seemed that God wasn't exactly listening to me. But now as I look back on that time I realize that He just needed me to concentrate on being a mother. I did that and now I have friends! Yay for me!

*** One of my friends and her family came to our town Sunday. Her husband spoke at church Sunday, so we were able to eat lunch and supper with them and spend the afternoon together. The boys had fun with their son and Anna could not get enough of their 12 year old daughter! Christmas open houses were Sunday afternoon so Marabeth and I left the kids with their dads and headed out. It was quick but fun.

*** Another one of my friends stood in line last night for over 3 hours to get me a copy of the pioneer womans cookbook. I can hardly stand the fact that Christy waited all that time and then not only got herself a copy signed but got me a signed copy of the cookbook! The absolute sweetest thing! And it isn't just signed, but it says Holy!Holy!Holy!Julie Missed you! Ree/PW.
I was at a Bible study last night and wasn't able to make the trip to see her in person, thus the holy, holy,holy.

*** And she also had Marlboro Man sign it. Can you stand it????!!!!!

*** I pray with my kids everynight before bed. You would think I never do by the way they act at night. When we announce bedtime, they each(all 4 of them) come up to me and say" don't forget to pray with us". I don't ever forget. Anyway. The twins say the sweetest prayers. Lately they have been praying for Stephen's mom and Henry. They pray that Henry will be "delivered safely", that he "won't have any illnesses in his life" and that "he will be saved and know you, God". How sweet is that?

*** Back to the subject of friends. We had some friends give us 4 football tickets last week. 2 of the kids had no interest in going to the game so 4 tickets was just what we needed! We had such a great time at the game! Thanks guys for letting us use your tickets!

***Because we were going to be so close to Ft Smith, we decided to spend a day there. And I got to spend a few hours with my friend Cindy. We have known each other for 24 years and still love each other to death. We went shopping, actually we went to a couple of stores, walked the perimeter of them while talking and that was all. She had just been at our house for the weekend a couple of weeks ago. So being able to see her twice in a month was almost more than my heart could take.

*** That's it guys! A list of whats up in my life! I know you're glad you stayed around to read it!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Scavenger Hunt Answers

I know this is more than just my blog. But today I am going to hijack it to play in a scavenger hunt with the preachers wife and her friends. I'm going to answer some questions and hope to win!!!!!!!

The Treasures

1. My name is Julie. I also go by Jules, Julia, Ju, and I will soon be called JuJu by Henry, my nephew to be!
2. I live in Arkansas and always have but have only lived in Lincoln county for three years.
3. My wonderful hubby is the Pastor of our church. How about that for a lofty title!
4. I have already answered this question in #2, but we have been at this church for three years (well, three years and 15 days!)
5. Yes, I have children. The lights of my life, the laughter in my soul, the stealers of my sanity are Samuel who is 12, David who is 8, Daniel who is 8, and Anna Kathryn who is 5.
6. We have been married for 16 years, and have lived in seven different houses. Not bad for being in the ministry! But have served at 2 churches for 5 years each!
7. I cook Sunday lunch most of the time, unless my in-laws come to town. When they come to visit, for some reason we always eat out. I used to think it wasn't my cooking, but now I'm pretty sure it IS my cooking!
8. I am usually on time for Sunday School and church. I get the kids ironed, fed and out the door and am there by the time my class starts. I never hardly make it to the older people's Sunday School class before they start though. When the bulletin says Sunday School starts at 9:45, those people read it, believe it, and act on it! My class? We start at around 10:00-10:15.
9. I love to watch The Duggers on TLC. Isn't that sad? I am just amazed at them. They love their family, they run around, they are loud and rambunctious, and they take care of each other.
10. I like to watch The West Wing in the mornings. It is on for two hours almost every morning. It goes against everything that I hold to be true, but I like it. I can't help it
11. My most annoying church related pet peeve? I'm sure I have many, but right now it is people dying! People dying during the holidays, while I'm on a romantic weekend get-away, or when I have tickets to a ballgame. Is that bad, sorry if seems insensitive. I don't mean it to. It is just the correct answer to the question!
12. The one thing I need to throw away is the fur coat I got from my dad when I was 12. I have no need for it, but can't bring myself to get rid of it.
13. I don't know if Coke is a food, but I can't live without it! I mean I. cannot. live. without. a. daily. can. of. Coke.
14. I currently live in a parsonage. It is the most wonderful house. If we ever move from here I would like to take it with us. It is beautiful on the outside, and roomy and wonderful inside. Can you move a brick home?
15. The question is :Freak when the doorbell rings or always ready for a visitor? I am mentally always ready for a visitor, but my house is NEVER ready for a visitor. Even when the visitor is expected. I can never get this place clean. ( That should explain why on number 14 I didn't say it was beautiful on the inside!)

So, there you go. I'm now entered in the scavenger hunt and you know more about me than you even thought to question.