Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Friends and a list

I have soo much to blog about that once again I will give you a list.

*** For many years I prayed for a friend. It seemed that God wasn't exactly listening to me. But now as I look back on that time I realize that He just needed me to concentrate on being a mother. I did that and now I have friends! Yay for me!

*** One of my friends and her family came to our town Sunday. Her husband spoke at church Sunday, so we were able to eat lunch and supper with them and spend the afternoon together. The boys had fun with their son and Anna could not get enough of their 12 year old daughter! Christmas open houses were Sunday afternoon so Marabeth and I left the kids with their dads and headed out. It was quick but fun.

*** Another one of my friends stood in line last night for over 3 hours to get me a copy of the pioneer womans cookbook. I can hardly stand the fact that Christy waited all that time and then not only got herself a copy signed but got me a signed copy of the cookbook! The absolute sweetest thing! And it isn't just signed, but it says Holy!Holy!Holy!Julie Missed you! Ree/PW.
I was at a Bible study last night and wasn't able to make the trip to see her in person, thus the holy, holy,holy.

*** And she also had Marlboro Man sign it. Can you stand it????!!!!!

*** I pray with my kids everynight before bed. You would think I never do by the way they act at night. When we announce bedtime, they each(all 4 of them) come up to me and say" don't forget to pray with us". I don't ever forget. Anyway. The twins say the sweetest prayers. Lately they have been praying for Stephen's mom and Henry. They pray that Henry will be "delivered safely", that he "won't have any illnesses in his life" and that "he will be saved and know you, God". How sweet is that?

*** Back to the subject of friends. We had some friends give us 4 football tickets last week. 2 of the kids had no interest in going to the game so 4 tickets was just what we needed! We had such a great time at the game! Thanks guys for letting us use your tickets!

***Because we were going to be so close to Ft Smith, we decided to spend a day there. And I got to spend a few hours with my friend Cindy. We have known each other for 24 years and still love each other to death. We went shopping, actually we went to a couple of stores, walked the perimeter of them while talking and that was all. She had just been at our house for the weekend a couple of weeks ago. So being able to see her twice in a month was almost more than my heart could take.

*** That's it guys! A list of whats up in my life! I know you're glad you stayed around to read it!


Sisters said...

Precious, precious....I love those boys. I love how the already love Henry.

Lisa the PW said...

How cool that you got a signed PW Book!!! Hysterical what she wrote...:))) What did you cook?? :))