Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Henry's Room

First of all, how precious are those twin nephews of mine for praying for Henry like they do! My aunt heart swells with pride over those fabulous 4 kiddos. I can't imagine my mama heart if my aunt heart stays this full all the time. Wow!
His Nana did such a wonderful job on his bedding, pillows and curtains. His Daddy did a fine job on the cling above his bed and his Mama and "Aunt Z" (Lindsey) did an artistic job on his canvases.
The toy chest in front of the window is already filling up with fun toys and his drawers are filling up with cute things. The picture frames are waiting on photos of his sweet little face.

This is Henry's closet and book shelf. His Daddy still has doorknobs to put on his doors. We painted the letters on his wall and filled his bookshelf up with all kinds of fun gifts, family heirlooms and his Daddy's miniature tractors.

We are counting down the days until we get to see our little Henry Patton in this precious room of his. I can't wait too see his sweet little face and give it kisses!


Kelley said...

His room is precious!