Saturday, November 28, 2009

Adventures in Babysitting

Update: My MIL is now out of the hospital and at home resting.

Please pray for my mother-in-law, Molly. She is Henry's Nana, the one who made the bedding. She called us this morning to tell us that she has been in the hospital since Thanksgiving morning due to a bleeding colon, which she has never had an issue with until now. We had no idea about it. I think she was keeping it from us, hoping she would get out and not have to worry us with it. She was coming to "babysit" me on Monday while the baby daddy holds interviews all day in Memfrica. Randall said when she called all she could do was apologize for not being able to get here to help. We assured her we would get someone else and to get well! She also told us to not have Henry until she got out of the hospital! Poor thing. I just hate this for her and want to know what is causing all this pain and bleeding so she can get well and love on our baby boy.

We ended up asking my sweet Daddy to "babysit" me on Monday since I cannot stay alone this late in the game and especially with my sciatic nerve pain locking me up all the time. I hated to have to ask him being that he lives in a different state, but he loves closer than Mama or Julie and it seemed like the only option for us. I cried when he told me very quickly that he would be honored to "babysit" me. I think the tears were just from me being in awe that we had to actually call him for help and could not find anyone closer by to put aside time to help us in this rare time of need.

Now, let's pray I do not go into labor under his watch...if you know my Daddy, you are picturing this scene and it is making you pray hard for Henry to stay put! Can you imagine? I am laughing outloud!! I do love that man.



Kelley said...

I hope your mother in law gets well soon! I think it is great that your dad can watch you on Monday!

Anonymous said...

Its like this Abster....
Had you gone into labor under my watch last monday.... I would do what every conservative and winning coach would do... I would have punted and then rely on my defense. LOL.