Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Stocking of Love

Henry's stocking made by his Marmie

Our family has a stocking tradition. My maternal great-grandmother "Granny" handmade all of our stockings with those felt stocking kits you buy at the craft stores. We all had one - kids, grand kids, great-grand kids, sons-in-law, grandsons-in-law and she even bought a store bought one for Jojo (our family dog). All of our mantles displayed Granny's love each Christmas.
Granny died when I was in the 8th grade. She was the head of our family and everyone of us miss her today just like we did the day she died. She was such a remarkable, loving woman. But all that is for another post....

Since the great-grand kids started having babies, our mother has carried on the tradition of making stockings. Samuel came first and then she had to make two in one year for David & Daniel. Grace came third ( Aunt Janet helped her with this one, of course) and then Anna came fourth. Molly came fifth (Aunt Janet helped her with this one also) and now Henry is the sixth one Mama has made. I know Granny must beam with pride from her seat in heaven when she sees those stockings hanging from the mantle each Christmas.

This year we will all hang our stocking from our own mantles instead of having them all at Mama's. It will be different for all of us. A bit bittersweet. We may be apart but our mantles will all be bonded in love. I have never had Christmas morning without my sister and the thought of it makes me choke a bit, but we will make it through this year and devise a new plan. No fear.
Julie needs to make Mister Brother Stephen a stocking....y'all root her on! I made Randall one 3 years ago and it made me respect Granny and Mama in a whole new way. Whew, what an undertaking! I can't wait to hang our three stockings of love in our den this year....and Mama's too. Santa will visit her at our house this year!


Kelley said...

I think that is a wonderful tradition! I love Henry's stocking.

kathy said...

actually i think that is 7 stocking. 4 of julie's 2 of janet's and your little one...
thanks for the long notice on yours. i do appreciate it a bunch

Charity said...

love your traditions... I live for them especially at Christmas time and it's always hard when something hasn't change... but yours will be fun with your new one!