Monday, June 29, 2009

Samuel the All-Star

Samuel is an All-Star once again!

A baseball All-Star.

This is his 4th year to compete with an all-star team. He has only been eligible to play on an all-star team for 5 years. So 4 out of 5 isn't bad!

Being on an All-Star team is a commitment. A commitment of money and time. We have to pay for new uniforms, tournaments, and travel. That isn't too hard for us.

The commitment of time is the hard part for our family. We believe in commitment. We believe in following through, not letting your team down. We also believe in church on Sundays. During all-star baseball our two beliefs clash.

Samuel has never played on a Sunday. (Except for 2 weeks ago when he took the field at 12:40AM Sunday morning) The all-star coaches know from the very beginning that Samuel will not play on Sundays.

It has been heartbreaking for us to leave on Saturday night knowing that the team would play without him the next day and that it could possibly be the last game of the year. I have shed many tears. I have been really mad. I have tried, in my best feminine way, to coerce Stephen into letting Samuel play. But through all of that, I know that our biggest commitment is to the Lord.

We made our commitment to God long before we made a commitment to any baseball team.

This year has been different. Samuel and I haven't cried. We haven't been upset that he couldn't play. I guess since we have been through this so many times we now realize that our commitment to God and His church is greater than baseball.

I have heard all the arguments, all the persuasive tactics. I know many Christian families that play ball on Sunday.

This is what our family has decided. Our family has decided to not play any sport on Sunday. We are honoring God by being at church on Sunday. We pray before the services that our minds are kept on God and what He wants for us during that service. That we wouldn't be thinking about the baseball game or the team. I will tell you that the first year my thoughts were not on the worship service or what God wanted to say to me. They were on the game.

But over time it has changed. It is easier to miss the Sunday game and go to church. It is where our commitment is. It is where our heart is.

People may talk bad about us. People may question us (and they do). But God doesn't and He is the One we answer to.

Samuel is so proud to be a member of the 11-12 all-star baseball team from Star City. But he is even prouder of the fact that he is a member of First Baptist Church and a player on God's team!
(Don't think I just made that up. Samuel and I were just talking and that is what he said.)


Pam said...

Amen Sister!!! Being a preacher's daughter we were faced with the same issues when we were younger. It is hard to remember to put the church and God first when you are Samuels age. Well done!!

Anonymous said...

Samuel's maternal grandfather also made an all star team or two in his day and I can assure you that back then playing on sunday wasn't even considered. It was a no-no and no one scheduled any games.
But, if there had been, this preacher's son would also have been at the church and not the ball park. You do what you feel you and your family need to do.
and never, never second guess yourself.
Much love from the all star's all star granddaddy.