Monday, June 8, 2009

Happy Girl

Looking at my plants/flowers is therapeutic for me. I remember going through a rough spell some years back and a wise man telling me to go dig in the dirt. I never realized how much truth there was to that until then. The women in my family have a love for planting each Spring. I never understood that love until I started digging in the dirt myself. Granted, Randall likes to do most of the digging and planting around here, yet I still do enough to make my heart glad. I am realizing that I need to be out with the plants more. I am not spending as much time in my flowerbeds as I did in Byhalia. Life is different here, my priorities have shifted and the mosquitoes are insane. Yet, I must make it a priority to get outside more often and enjoy the beauty in my very own yard.

Oh, bell pepper, What color will you, orange or green? This year we planted 3 different types of bell peppers.
Can you count all the tomatoes on the vine?
We are excited about all these 'maters. We did not get to plant any last summer due to our massive transition. It is really the simple things in life that make one happy, you know?!

This is an eggplant in the making.
Eggplants make me think of my Granny, her red iron covered pot, and my Mama's favorite casserole/dish. I can't wait to cook the infamous eggplant casserole with my very own eggplant!

The Aunt Mitt Plant. This plant is well over 50 years old. It is from an aunt I never met. I think she was a great, great aunt maybe. We took a cutting off my Mawmaw's plant and with Randall's green thumb and love of fertilizer, it is about to bust out of the pot.

Elephant ears. Every yard needs them. My Granny always planted them and my mama always plants them. In Byhalia we had big ears underneath my kitchen window facing the driveway. Now we have them in front of our house. I love it.

The St. Bernards mum from the fair last year is coming back with a vengeance. I bought mums to decorate our exhibit booth last year. I brought one home and planted it and never expected it to come back. I am most impressed.

The Oklahoma Rose lives on! If you are an avid blog reader you know I had a LARGE rose bush in Byhalia that Randall planted for me. It was an Oklahoma Rose. He bought it as a joke because he likes to tell people I am from Oklahoma (not that there is anything wrong with is just an inside joke with us). When we moved I was so sad to leave it. A few weeks back we were at Home Depot and we were at the checkout. I glanced over and someone had left their Oklahoma Rose on the end cap. It was a joyous occasion at the Home Depot for us! This is the first bloom on our new Oklahoma Rose.

This image is enough to make my heart swell. I ADORE blue hydrangeas. They remind me of my Mawmaw. Our sweet neighbor in Byhalia bought me a blue bush and we planted it to have it turn pink. We put tons of nails in it and all sorts of other remedies to have it turn white. So, we all laughed about it and enjoyed what did decide to bloom. Randall found 2 fabulous blue bushes for me and planted them in the front flowerbeds here at this house. They are doing great and blooming in a vibrant blue. I am so excited about enjoying these for years to come.

Thanks for taking a gander at my plants. They truly do make me a happy girl!


J+M+S said...

I LOVE my little garden also...there is something about connecting with the dirt and watching things grow that fills you up!

kathy said...

I love your blog...So glad you are planting. those are caladiums not elephant ears...

Lindsey Watson said...

i love it! i hate planting, but so enjoy to look at flower beds and such. i wish i liked it more. i am jealous of all your pretty plants! and super jealous of those bell peppers! :) congrats on the fruits of your labor!!!