Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A list!

I have many thoughts rambling around in my head.
Instead of writing them in some cohesive form I will make a list.
Because I don't think I could make them into a cohesive form.

** VBS is this week. This will be night 3 of the week and so far so good. The decorations for VBS stressed me out to the point of fever blisters, acne and sleepless nights. They aren't anywhere close to what they should be or what they have been in years past, but I think VBS will be a success anyway, despite my lack of creative juices. Thank you LD for your help!!!!!!!!!!

** Regular season baseball is over! Can I hear a scream from the crowd?! Samuel made the all-star team once again. So, we are still playing some tournaments. And when I say playing tournaments let me tell you that Sam and I made it in from a game Sunday morning at 2:30. Did you get that? 2:30 in the morning. And the game was just 30 minutes from us. His team took the field at 12:40am. Crazy, but fun!

** I am suffering from pool withdrawal. I haven't been to the pool since Wednesday. I am going today.

** Last week VBS kicked my bottom, ate my lunch, and called me ugly. I was never so glad to see Sunday night at 6:00(start of VBS) get here. I knew the hardest part of my job was over. Oh, to relax is heavenly!

** We are going to be out of town next week, so I am trying to get the house clean and laundry caught up(so that I can pack!) in between facebook, blogs, pool, and VBS.

** Do you know that although I complain about all of this stuff I really love it? I do. I love being busy. Its the times that nothing is going on that makes me think. And thinking has never done me much good. LOL!!!

Well, I must run and pick up Stephen so he can pick up his truck from our mechanic/friend. Yes, we have been a one vehicle family for the last 5-6 days. The family that rides together stays together!


Jodi said...

I loved reading your list. You sound very grateful for all you have going on, and happy too! Happy is good!

And, I'm so proud of Sam! Go Sam!

Hope you got to the pool! So glad VBS is working out good for you this week!

Have a great time next week! I just know you will!