Thursday, June 25, 2009

Oh, Happy Day To My BFF

Our Travels together have been many
(matching pillow cases to prove it)

Our destinations have been large.
(Disney World 2 times, even...this was taken on our 2nd trip)
Many years shared and many more to come
(this was the last year we rang it in together b/c this is the year the hubbies appeared)

And for 2 weeks we were both brides to be, together.
(this is a pic of the brides to be sporting the rings)
God just knew we had to do things together in order to survive.
Happy Birthday, my sweetest & bestest friend.
I am so glad God gave me you!


Melissa Southerland said...

Thanks, Abby!!! I'm thankful for your friendship as well :)

Michael said...

Holy freaking cow!!! That is NOT a SonPower shirt is it? Brain overload. Memories floating back. And I do believe that's the GABC sweet ridin bus and ole GABC in the background. Good times.

I thought I was your BFF. Oh well. You win some and lose some.

Happy Birthday Licca :)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday LICCA LOU !!!!

Abby's Dad